Honoring and Acknowledging the Contributions of Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez

By Matt Sedillo, Maria Flores, Ernesto Ayala At Tele-Jaguar we give credit where credit is due. From all of us, thank you Karena for being the driving force you have been. Capitalist society reduces reality to the individual it focuses on one’s individual world so as to break the natural bonds we have as humansContinue reading “Honoring and Acknowledging the Contributions of Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez”

Your La Raza Unida Page has been unpublished: Is it 1970 or 2020?

Communique: Slug: Your La Raza Unida Page has been unpublished: Is it 1970 or 2020? By Jenaro Ernesto Ayala La Raza Unida Party Tele-Jaguar On April 3rd, 2010, as Facebook was becoming an everyday thing I thought it would be a good idea to open up a page for the organization I grew up inContinue reading “Your La Raza Unida Page has been unpublished: Is it 1970 or 2020?”

Berned Again

Berned Again Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar After this latest round of betrayals by Bernie Sanders of his own supporters after having had been blatantly plotted against by his own party, two things must be stated plainly. The “Establishment” of the Democratic Party will not allow it’s so called “Progressive” wing to seize power. It must alsoContinue reading “Berned Again”

The World We Have V. The World We Want

The World We Have V. The World We Want Tele-Jaguar Ernesto Ayala This is the world that we have A month has gone by as the Covid19 Pandemic has shown us just how connected we actually are in this globalized planet and the 4th month of 2020 has just begun. It has been about 8Continue reading “The World We Have V. The World We Want”

Rent Strike Los Angeles!

Maria Flores Tele-Jaguar (Big shout out to Proleroid for amazing photos documenting the people’s movement! Check out their work on IG) Los Angeles: In solidarity with a Statewide Rent and Mortgage Moratorium! If you are a renter in Los Angeles, you are probably two paychecks away from beinghomeless or at the mercy of your supportContinue reading “Rent Strike Los Angeles!”

Survive on $1,200 for 10 Weeks? The Virus is Corporate Oligarchy!

Karena Acree-Páez Tele-Jaguar What was the first thing Americans did when the coronavirus scare began? Hoard resources. In other words, every capitalist for himself! The slightest stress on U$A’s system of  inverted totalitarianism led to an immediate toilet paper crisis.  This time of crisis has given rise to terrifying configuration of corporate power which mustContinue reading “Survive on $1,200 for 10 Weeks? The Virus is Corporate Oligarchy!”

5 Question With Franzia Fannon (Tele-Jaguar’s President In Permanent Exile)

5 Questions Franzia Fannon Tele-Jaguar Exclusive. No preamble. Enjoy. 1) You coined the phrase wokoso though are usually not cited. What is a wokoso?  A ‘wokoso’ is a combination of ‘woke’ and ‘mocoso’.  I cleverly combined the two to describe the internet Latinx woke crowd who choose to drag people online and write articles ofContinue reading “5 Question With Franzia Fannon (Tele-Jaguar’s President In Permanent Exile)”

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar In this period of global pandemic people are tending to handle the crisis in relatively predictable ways. Whatever qualities they brought into this crisis they will display throughout it. People who tend to mask their feelings will will likely make jokes, the workaholic will bury themselvesContinue reading “The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine”

5 Questions With Sol Marquez

5 Questions With Sol Marquez A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive From Georgia, to Washington state, to the streets of Los Angeles everywhere Sol Marquez sets her feet she brings with her revolutionary fire and passion to fight for the people. From the mega marches of 06 to the planning committee for the 50th Chicano Moratorium to theContinue reading “5 Questions With Sol Marquez”

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar Let’s see if they mark this as SPAM. Social media users of the world unite. You have only THEIR community standards to lose. UPDATE: Turns out it may have just been a “glitch” with their AI program. Developing story, either way, fuck ’em. Violate billionaire communityContinue reading “Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent”