The World We Have V. The World We Want

The World We Have V. The World We Want


Ernesto Ayala

This is the world that we have

A month has gone by as the Covid19 Pandemic has shown us just how connected we actually are in this globalized planet and the 4th month of 2020 has just begun. It has been about 8 months since the massive fires ravaged first the mighty Amazon and then others tore through Australia. In the same time the US has murdered a leading figure in the Iranian government and brought the world itself closer to a catastrophic war that would possibly drag in several powerful nations. All of this on top of everything else the US and their regular day to day, month to month and year to year doings assure that the parasitic Capitalist-Imperialist economic world order continues running.

This is the world that we have. It wasn’t but two years ago that gargantuan fires lit up Southern California and spread as if fueled by gas. They weren’t fueled by gas but something worse: a longer dry season due to the warming of the planet caused by fossil fuels which their extraction and sale fatten the pockets of a small minority. The smell stays with you the entire San Fernando Valley in which I live was surrounded by fires, the biggest clouds I’d ever seen made up of smoke darkened the skies and spread into the city. The shock of seeing the results of Capitalism’s savagery of our Mother Earth for profit cause you to cough and sneeze and go home early from work was strong but it wouldn’t compare to what we are all the entire world going through now.

Yes, obviously Capitalism didn’t create the Covid19 virus (although some would make the argument that it somehow has) but we have seen how an economy “organized” around profit at whatever expense will react to something that could have been contained and has been contained with greater success elsewhere including in nations with far less resources and in the case of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela under the threat of armed invasion and brutal economic embargoes.

From the very beginning the acting leader of the so called USA shrugged it off, (not only that he had also disbanded the NSC Pandemic Unit in 2018.) Once having arrived into the US the virus spread like the wildfires that scorched Southern California. The same “country” that never has a shortage of missiles, tanks, apache helicopters, jets, munitions, humvees and what have you amazingly or not, has had a shortage of drastically needed hospital beds, respirator units, face masks, gloves and other basic tools for medical use. In fact veterinarians have donated or lent out respirator units to hospitals. States have had to compete and lose against bids placed by the Federal government to buy some of these units and supplies. The same government that never has a shortage of assault weapons and bullets for its military and para-military police forces with state of the art weaponry cannot even provide testing kits to its population. If there isn’t any clearer example of how a Capitalist neoliberal economy is useless to humanity which includes YOU I don’t know what is.

The culture of this Capitalist neolberal economy that champions the individual over the community showed its effects as people panicked to hoard as much food and supplies for themselves leaving others without basic necessities. The media remains silent on how its long worn out claim about “socialist breadlines” and “rationed food” in other nations have shown themselves here only that you had to pay for this bread which wasn’t or still isn’t there.

This isn’t even including the rise in racist attacks against Asian peoples due to Trumps nonchalant racial framing of everything including this.

Many of us lost our jobs, schools shut down, businesses closed and much of everything in civilian life has come to a screeching halt.

The world that we want

            The world that we have had so far has been accumulation after accumulation year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation of something that began long ago. There is a clear line if one studies history from La Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria to what we have today, or to be more clear from the Alamo to Trump. This is something crucial because although we are all connected in one way or another and the world as we know it has been undeniably affected by this it has not changed and I cannot speak from any other perspective than that of a Chicano, a worker, an indigenous person, because in reality this is how we say unto the world that we are human via our own experience.

            In the greater picture it wasn’t even that long ago when our people a fraction of what we are today dreamt… we dreamt of a different world, of a different reality were we controlled our own destinies as a people, were workers and the oppressed had every undeniable right under the sun to seize what was theirs, what is ours, including the land.

            We dreamt and we acted upon our dreams, upon what seemed impossible this is where the idea of Aztlan, of Liberation, Self Determination etc naturally evolved. Some of us in the heat and passion of that time even gave the ultimate in the hope that these dreams could become a living reality… our lives.

            Let us take this time to reflect upon what kind of world we’ve had so far. Let us take the time to study and to affirm or reaffirm family, friends, comrades even if at a distance and most of all let us imagine that world once again. Let us take the time to dream and imagine a world completely different in opposition to the one we’ve been forced to have which is quickly barreling into a full blown nightmare for our coming generations. Let us brainstorm and plan so that once we are able to we can once again continue raising those red flags on one side and our fists toward the sky as more and more join us and we make of our dreams a reality together. The world we want!

Rent Strike Los Angeles!

Maria Flores


(Big shout out to Proleroid for amazing photos documenting the people’s movement! Check out their work on IG)

Los Angeles: In solidarity with a Statewide Rent and Mortgage Moratorium!

If you are a renter in Los Angeles, you are probably two paychecks away from being
homeless or at the mercy of your support circle. According to a 2017 survey by
CareerBuilder, “78 percent of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck to make ends
meet.” In a city like Los Angeles, “Many [tenants] are severely rent-burdened, meaning they pay more than 50% of their incomes toward rent,” according to Neighborhood Data for Social Change published by the University of Southern California in 2013. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, what happens to you when your job cuts your hours, your employer furloughs you, or your gigs cease to exist? You might be lucky enough to apply for unemployment and still be able to pay your rent. However, in Los Angeles -grassroots and non-profit organizations have decided to take a political stand and organize in favor of a Rent and Mortgage Moratorium: a halt – deletion – suspension of rent and mortgages, so that all Angelenos – regardless of access to legal counsel or immigration status, can have secure housing, a basic human right.

Whether it is access to cash relief, food assistance, or remote community support –
organizations like the Los Angeles Tenants Union (LATU), Inclusive Action, and Union
del Barrio as well as networks such as Healthy LA made up of, “260+ advocacy
organizations, worker centers, labor unions, service providers, religious congregations, community groups, affordable housing developers, public interest lawyers, public health and safety organizations, and many more uniting across lines of race, class, and geography to propose concrete solutions to the many hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” are leading grassroots efforts to connect some of our most vulnerable communities to resources that should otherwise be coming directly from the state of California. According to Forbes’s Best States for Business 2019, “If it were a country, California’s $3.1 trillion economy would be the fifth biggest in the world.” In comparison, a country like Venezuela ranked as 30th biggest economy in the world by the World Bank and currently still under U.S. sanctions – affecting its supply of medical and construction equipment for the past five years, has been able to declare a 6 month nation-wide rent suspension for homes and businesses as well as placed a hold on the collecting of credit payments as of March 22nd, 2020.

Maybe you are not a renter — maybe you own your property, great! However, if you are a politician living rent free (like Mayor Eric Garcetti – living at the Getty House in
Windsor Square since 2013, owned by the City of LA) and/or are a city representative
and a landlord with property directly in the city (like my CD9 Councilmember Curren
Price with 13 reported rental properties!) — you might find yourself either removed from the experience of the average working class Angeleno or clouded by the thought that your income will be taking a hit with unclear moratoriums in place.

What should happen? After a grueling couple of weeks of feeling insecure about my
personal housing situation and employment (guess who is a renter and works two jobs, to make ends meet!), being a part of various LA Tenants chapter online meetings and listening in on case work analysis provided in a partnership with the Eviction Defense Network, as well as seeing the world fall apart around me — it is clear to me that the only solution is to mass mobilize.

Quite simply put, the time to be on the people’s side is now. Our working class
communities are coming to face a stark reality – that maybe, in our everyday comfort, we were quick to dismiss out of inexperience or exhaustion – the government, your boss, and quite possibly your landlord do not give a shit about you.

On a personal level, in California it can go a variation of two ways – your landlord is
angry and will pile paperwork on you demanding that you pay your rent OR your
landlord will want to strike a deal with you.. Maybe you think it is fair at first because,
why wouldn’t you want to have a deal on your rent? Many tenants have reported to their local LATU Chapter Representatives that landlords have approached them with deals to momentarily lower their rent if they amend their contracts with payment plans, going so far as being willing to collect partial rent amounts to get an immediate tenant signature in an agreement.

Unfortunately, as weeks pass us by, renters are realizing that we are now days away
from the next payment and they either continue to have no employment or have not
received unemployment benefits. What about our undocumented families that contribute taxes but will not be able to receive any government assistance? According to statistics put forth by UC Davis as many as 60% of farm workers are undocumented. These workers are at the frontlines, making sure we have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and are as of March 28th, 2020 considered part of the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” aka “Essential Workers” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), yet these same farmers will not receive any stimulus check, continue to face exposure to a potentially deadly illness, and are expected to pay rent along with the rest of us while banks and corporations continue to be bailed out.

What can one do? Join an organization or create one. As a current member of the L.A.
Tenants Union – South Central Chapter and a member of Union del Barrio, I empathize with the frustration felt by my neighbors and comrades – you are not alone, in fact, you could probably be the poster child for this movement. However, as a long time community organizer and volunteer — I know that politicians will take a decade to pass a citywide policy, let alone a statewide bill as was evident in the struggles of the Los Angeles Street Vendor Movement, led primarily by single immigrant mothers many of them often limited or completely excluded from exercising their political voice because of a lack of access to direct translation services at spaces like LA City Hall, translation services that their tax dollars paid for to facilitate their civic engagement. Because of the urgency this rent and mortgage crisis presents, this is the time to become involved in your city’s and state’s political arenas.

You are far from alone and are in a prime moment to make housing history, not just for yourself and your direct neighbors but be in a position to set the example for how cities and states should run, especially those who rely on a workforce of people who live paycheck-to-paycheck, people who have limited to no healthcare benefits, and people who while they may be deemed heroes for keeping your local grocery store and hospital running – now have to face whether they will choose food, rent, or paying their mortgage. Our enemy is capitalism and if our government chooses rent, chooses mortgage payments over people, over YOU – then join your local tenants unions, community organizations, coalitions, and networks to bring forward your demands and collectively decide the fate of your state. For a list of ways to get involved in Los Angeles and California:

Los Angeles Tenants Unions
(323) 391-6273
Eviction Defense Network
(213) 385-8112
Inclusive Action for the City
GoFundme: The Street Vendor Emergency Fund
Union del Barrio: Community Guidelines for Addressing COVID-19 Pandemic
Healthy LA Network

Survive on $1,200 for 10 Weeks? The Virus is Corporate Oligarchy!

Karena Acree-Páez


What was the first thing Americans did when the coronavirus scare began? Hoard resources. In other words, every capitalist for himself! The slightest stress on U$A’s system of  inverted totalitarianism led to an immediate toilet paper crisis. 

This time of crisis has given rise to terrifying configuration of corporate power which must be exposed and understood. We are headed into uncharted economic catastrophe, potentially worse than the Great Depression. 70% of the U.S. economy is based on consumption because we don’t manufacture much of anything any longer, except for weapons. Desperation breeds desperate responses, but problems also breed solutions. We have the moral imperative to organize and push back against the oligarchic elite. We have to rise up now because it’s the right thing to do. 

The Stimulus Bill is a Slap in the Face to U.S. Workers

On March 29, 2020 during an interview with “Face the Nation, Steve Mnuchin informed Americans that we should be able to live on $1,200 (or $2,400 for a married couple) for 10 weeks during a pandemic. This lunacy serves to evidence how far removed Mnunchin is from the lives of the working-class and the working-poor. The average cost of rent for a very small apartment in New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles – all epicenters of the coronavirus – is at least a few thousand dollars; factor in food, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and other expenses to expose the fact that that $1,200 will hardly bring any semblance of economic relief when we are looking at a forecasted 30% unemployment rate in the second quarter of 2020. 

The bill prescribes no relief for renters who make up 36% of U.S. households, 65% of households under the age of 35, and the majority of renters are black and Latino. (Source: Pew Research Center) What does that say about the priorities of the lawmakers? The priorities are to bail out corporations, money given at zero percent interest which can be leveraged ten to one to large banks and a few crumbs tossed to the rest of the population facing 30% unemployment. Only one in four people can work from home, and those in the lower working class who make up the service economy have been left without jobs. A $1,000 check will get funnelled back right into credit card companies. A defacto rent strike may happen only because people simply won’t have money to pay rent. We are headed into uncharted economic catastrophe while the oligarchs bail each other out. 

Trillions to Corporations

The $2 trillion bill is really more like a $6 to $10 trillion bill. Wall Street chatter says it will be $10 trillion because well, what’s another $4 trillion? 

It’s packed with cash for large monopolists on Wall Street and is full of opaque slush funds of political bribes. The stimulus bill awards money for hedge fund billionaires who are hiding out in their wine caves. Six trillion dollars of low-cost, no cost credit to the likes of JP Morgan will enable them to buy up their competitors and small businesses, which are pressed due to no income. CNBC’s Jim Kramer, a former hedge fund manager, said that the economic downturn due to the pandemic would leave the U.S. with three retailers: Amazon; Walmart; and Costco.

Economic Hardship or Risk Death for a Paycheck? The Choice is Yours.

American executives are calling for people to return to work even if they die in the coronavirus pandemic. Dick Kovacevich, a former Wells Fargo CEO and Chairman explained, “We’ll gradually bring those people back and see what happens. Some of them will get sick, some may even die, I don’t know. Do you want to suffer more economically or take some risk that you’ll get flu-like symptoms and a flu-like experience? Do you want to take an economic risk or a health risk? You get to choose.”

We are reminded that a CEO’s job is to devalue labor and convince people they are doing them a favor by paying them less – crash the economy, make jobs scarce, and make people desperate enough that they can be rehired for less. In recent history, it is clear that this has been repeatedly done since Reagan’s reign of terror on the working class.

Ventilators Are Being Donated  by Veterinary Hospitals

Instead of instructing industry to mass produce ventilators, the self-proclaimed greatest nation on earth has ventilators being donated by veterinary offices. We are converting convention centers into hospitals with lounge chairs in place of hospital beds, ready to accept the infected masses as COVID-19 cases spike and hospitals reach capacity. What a disgrace. 

The Federal Government recently sent 170 broken ventilators to California from the national stockpile. Thankfully, Silicon Valley company Bloom Energy offered to get to work fixing them. On March 30, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom made a public plea on Facebook Live to anyone who has ventilators to donate, even if they are old or broken. 

Meanwhile, China manages to build brand new hospitals with thousands of beds in about 10 days, showing the world what a planned, centralized economy can do. In Venezuela, a military clothing factory has immediately switched their operations to the mass production of manufacturing masks, hospital bedding, and surgical clothing. At least the U$ has rappers who are donating masks to hospitals and tattoo artists who are donating gloves and protective gear to hospitals. 

Meanwhile, ICE placed a bid for 45,000 N95 masks to be distributed to twenty-six field offices as ICE raids have ramped up while more families are home during the pandemic.  Let us not forget that U.$. domestic programs of terror require agents with protective masks, too. 

Democrats are Handing the Keys Over to the Trump Administration and Corporations

The coronavirus bill is a shocking reminder that corporations rule the empire. While trillions of dollars worth of political bribery went to corporations, the Democrats permitted the corporate coup in exchange for a mere pittance in unemployment benefits.

Democrats had leverage and ability to expose that this bill was a handout to corporate America and a consolidation of corporate power, but they let Chuck Schumer control the whole progress after a bit of moral grandstanding by a few “progressive” Democrats. The handover of power to Wall Street is happening under the cynical facade of helping people. This is another corporate coup by the corporate state. A few months from now, these cowardly, stupid or corrupt Democrats will say they don’t understand what’s happening. Democrats and Republicans have, in the spirit of bipartisanship, handed the country over to corporations and solidified the corporate oligarchy’s hands around our throats. 

The Federal Reserve has already hired Blackrock to manage the bailout while saying that Blackrock will also participate in the bailout. This reveals that they were already stealing before the bill passed in the House. 

The COVID-19 virus pandemic further exposes the problems that were already there. 

We are being ruled by a corporate oligarchy. The free market system based on false scarcity, fake money, and exploitation encourages fear and desperation to consume us and act selfishly as individuals. It is up to us to utilize this crisis to guide us to fundamentally restructure both politics and society. 

An illuminating article by Carlos Cruz Mosqueda of Anticonquista explains, “… we have seen how masses of people in the Western world have selfishly emptied the shelves of large supermarket chains and pharmacies at the first signs of crisis. This individualism, the opposite of the collectivism practiced in Cuba and Venezuela, is no doubt a cultural phenomenon with roots in the capitalist world system. This is a system in which competition among individuals is encouraged at all levels and in all situations. The effect of this is that the most vulnerable people in society are more likely to perish; if not because of the virus, then because of lack of access to basic goods, medicines and community support.”

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

This new virus has exposed who supports the economy. We can do without the politician and the businessman and we cannot do without the but never the proletarian force! Instead of asking humans to sacrifice themselves to save a brutal capitalist system, why don’t we sacrifice capitalism to save humanity?  Why should we trust in the corporate oligarchy that controls the dictatorial policies of the monetary system? Why do we continue to keep supporting parasites when our hope for the future lies in our class,  the working class? 

The virus is the corporate oligarchy. The cure is to seize the means of production, build centers of political power firmly outside the duopoly, and demand housing, healthcare, food, and education as human rights. 

Politics in the U.$. will never be the same again. There will be a new party, but who will be behind it? A Billionaire? A Fascist? A Three Percenter? Now is the time for workers to make demands! Smash the duopoly and build new centers of political power for the working-class!

5 Question With Franzia Fannon (Tele-Jaguar’s President In Permanent Exile)

5 Questions

Franzia Fannon

Tele-Jaguar Exclusive.

No preamble. Enjoy.

1) You coined the phrase wokoso though are usually not cited. What is a wokoso?

 A ‘wokoso’ is a combination of ‘woke’ and ‘mocoso’.  I cleverly combined the two to describe the internet Latinx woke crowd who choose to drag people online and write articles of ridiculous criticisms instead of organizing to better the material conditions of our communities.  They act like ‘mocosos’ despite being ‘woke’, they are wokosos.  Anyone can be a wokoso, it’s not a gender exclusive term, so it’s really ‘wokosxs’.  

2) What is MEPA and how can it be prevented?

(COBRA Voice) MEPA is a disease and I’m the cure.  Seriously, is MEPA even a thing anymore?  Last thing I heard they all became toilet paper hoarders.  

I’m not worried about MEPA club right now tbh.  I mean these people refused to take a position on capitalism and complained about eating bacon wrapped hot dogs from street vendors cuz the priority of priorities was MEPA lol.  Really, this is your student vanguard?  LMFAO.

One of the first casualties of Covid-19 was college activism.  They are phantoms now, even when and if college campuses return to normal most student activist groups will take a good while to return to come back to life.  I seriously doubt the wokosx leadership will even be around by then, cuz you know, they are wokosxs lol.

3) You authored a pretty devastating meme featuring prominent wokosxs who lightened themselves in animated form. Why did you do that?

These two wokosxs in particular, Jessica something or other whose name isn’t important enough to memorize and Dichos de un Bicho like to hyper criticize and mock folks for reclaiming their indigeneity.  It’s a pretty fucked up to do considering she can pass as a Karen, her own caricature of herself is white AF but suddenly she can criticize actual brown folks for reclaiming what colonialism robbed from them?  GTFOH, she gonna call the cops when we carne asada at the park and play handball too?  Dichos is actually brown but he kept making his own caricature lighter.  Like in real life he was brown but his cartoon version was ‘Chad White’, once the memes came out his caricature of himself came out a tinge darker lol.  Dichos to his credit has helped give Central Americans a voice and that is important.  I actually followed him online for a while and then he started to get all super anti-Mexican/Chicanx and just ran with that like it was free cocaine in a nightclub bathroom.  He also has a reputation of attacking people online and dismantling grassroots groups in Southeast LA.  The memes were a response to them.  Wokosxs live to make fun of people with memes, but you turn them into a meme and fight fire with fire and they cry.  Just like a mocoso who talks shit then cries when it comes back their way.  The memes ridicule their ridiculousness.  Truthfully right now the wokosxs and their wokismo are less of a priority.  

What was dangerous about their wokismo was that they were using these online platforms to promote toxic disunity and discord among different groups of oppressed people.  They were doing more than that, they were promoting online violence and bigotry and branding it as activism.  The whole attitude they were spewing echoed white nationalist tendencies.  IMO our people, all of our people, don’t need to give in to the ‘divide and conquer’ when we deserve to ‘unite and win’.  We can have differences amongst each other but to attack each other publicly for the world to see and promote the attacks, well that shows you what they are really about.  

All of it seems quite silly now in the face of C19.  I hope this C19 shit puts things into perspective for all the wokosxs and they cease with their dumb ass shit.  

4) Thoughts on organizing?

 I have a lot of thoughts on this.  No one really does it effectively and the ones doing it aren’t doing it well enough to win much IMO.  Conferences don’t count, I mean look at the situation we are in.  We can no longer do conferences and summits and people don’t know WTF to do.  They are becoming ZOOM activists now, lol.  The thing is organizing really isn’t that hard, but it is very time consuming and not a lot of folks are willing to give the time to run a strong program, especially wokosxs.  There are a few folks that give it a good run IMO.  I think Defend Boyle Heights did good work before it fell apart, they changed the game.  I think they could have been more tactful sometimes, but they did good work and shook things up.  It was sad to see it break up the way it did.  I’ve seen some dope shit in Texas like the Huey Newton Gun Club.  The Reclaim Our Homes stuff in NELA is really effective.  When I talk about organizing, keep in mind I’m referring to grassroots, independent organizing not the 501C3 and union paid staff.  

I think right now we have a grand opportunity in front of us with this C19 situation.  We can set up our own essential services like food delivery for seniors, etc and build authentic relationships with our people that last as opposed to only hosting conferences and events for the already engaged.  We can set up a service so that people know what stores have what supplies, etc.  The Reclaim Our Homes folks are capitalizing on an unfortunate situation but it’s a good move tactically speaking.  The groups I’m part of are already prepped, delivery service already set for our most vulnerable members.  Foos are taken care of, that’s what I truly value in groups. I think collectives and organizations should be doing this internally first, get the bugs out and then expand to a particular community or subset of the community, then get the bugs out, and expand again.  That is my general approach to organizing: start small and build instead of trying to be grandiose and fail.  It’s common sense, but most activists and ‘organizers’ act like common sense doesn’t apply to what they are trying to do.  Labor organizing teaches you this approach.  Like you never just jump into a workplace and scream, ‘who wants to join the union!?’ cuz folks will run away and anyone who actually does approach you tends to get fired.  So you find out who the leaders are build relationships and start small and build the team before you make bigger moves.  You should approach community organizing the same way IMO.  Treat your people like workers (cuz they are) and your politicians like bad bosses (cuz they are).  But yes, we have grand opportunities directly in front of us and more coming down the line.  

This C19 tho, has unmasked imperialism even further.  The billionaire class is giving themselves breaks while giving us a death certificate.  The feds are literally printing money out of thin air, what do you think that is going to do to the economy?  It is potentially setting up a wild inflation rate.  Who TF knows where we end up in 3 months.  Back to ‘normal’ or Mad Max and cannibalism.  One thing remains true here more than ever tho, the power of the workers.  More than ever workers who have been deemed ‘essential’ have an immense amount of power they can leverage for the benefit of all.  We literally go into mad max territory if they refuse to work.  Bosses can’t find scabs because everyone is afraid of getting sick.  They have maximum leverage in every industry.  

I also think ‘revolutionaries’ are way too dogmatic in their approach to electoral politics.  People tend to be either like ‘fuck electoral politics’ or completely entrenched in them.  I think you have to be involved to a degree.  You can’t just let the slobs have that to themselves when there are victories to be had.  We can get our comrades elected, the last election cycles have had more independents winning than ever in the last 60 years and it terrified the billionaire class.  You can’t have an ‘outside’ approach or ‘inside’ approach.  You have to have an outside and inside strategy.  Therein lies another motto of mine, ‘do it all and do it all the time’.  That means you never just do one thing, you might do one thing at a time but it’s never all you do.  You also can’t be afraid to take organizational risks, you have to be willing to go all in and pull out when you need to, but never be afraid. 

I also believe certain folks like to over preach on how important getting an advanced degree is.  The best organizers I’ve ever met or heard of didn’t have a master’s degree or PHD, and they made the most changes that actually mattered to the most people.  IMO degrees are a bourgeoisie marker for how much debt you are willing to take in exchange for knowing mostly useless information.  The current times are showing us that.  The whole world is hanging by a thread and who is keeping it together?  Is it the billionaires?  Is it the academics?  Is it the pigs?  Lol, no.  It’s the workers.  Workers make the world function, especially now.  This doesn’t mean I don’t value knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge.  I believe that all knowledge should be in the hands and talents of workers in their own communities not locked up in some place outside of them.  

That said I am more inclined to work on projects, campaigns, and building a solid program as opposed just protests and marches.   I am also really interested in financial projects and ventures done from a working class perspective.  I also think too many ‘revolutionaries’ downplay finances, mostly because they don’t have their own shit together.  Finances are ultra important.  We live under capitalism, so then why would you not want to understand how it works and maximize it to build up your cause?  That makes absolutely no sense.  I’m not saying we need to become capitalists, what I am saying is you should have some financial knowledge and flex it to build up your organization, that is common sense. You look at some of the best groups people built, they understood finance.  The Panthers understood finances, you think they built a national party by passing around berets for change in the hood lol?  The Crusade for Justice was incredibly effective partly because Corky Gonzalez was a financial whiz.  You don’t agree with me?  Okay let’s talk about how all of the ‘centros’ people start end up going to shit because they couldn’t pay the rent lol.  

Also, the internet is important, wokosxs know this.  It’s all they know lol.  I think the actual material work on the ground is the most important tho.  What I see is that many people substitute the online for the offline and that is a serious mistake.  For instance, if your RL community doesn’t know who you are and that you have 100K followers than who cares, it’s just iPhone vapor.  Your online work should boost your RL organizing.  If you don’t do organizing in RL then you become a virtual ghost the second your profile gets clipped by FB or Twitter or whatever platform you are using.  I believe that when looking who to follow online folks should ask themselves- does this person actually do organizing or are they just trying to build themselves up online?  The other question is are these people being divisive or are they about bringing people together?  IMO online entities that build themselves up on division are toxic and should be avoided. Anyone who builds themselves up by pitting one part of our community over another or bashing community groups isn’t about bringing about the change all of our people need.  

Finally, I think we have to be part of organizations, the one person savior mentality is a losers game but people love to play it.  It is peak wokismo.  If you can’t disagree with your comrades or your organization and still follow the collective’s decision then how can you expect the community to get organized?  An organization or collective is the organized expression of the community.  It should be made up of the community for its own benefit.  We live in a society that champions individuals and delegitimizes organizations, they way you change that is by championing the collective and getting over our individualism.  I also think we should be trying to replicate or create knock offs of older orgs.  For instance, I just seen this group spring up called the Brown Panthers, how original lol.  So they wanted to still look hard but didn’t want to be random Autonomous Brown Beret chapter number 2,726,262,868?  Lol.  Learn from the past but build the future.  The future should obviously be different from the past.  Regardless tho, they might surprise us all.  Regardless of what you call yourselves, be part of a team, build your team, take on projects, organize with your community, run campaigns, change everyone’s reality.  We need to win physical, material things not just ‘moral’ victories, not ‘we will get more next time’.  C19 has shown us there may not be a next time.  Thank you for coming to my Telejaguar Talk.

5) As President in Permanent Exile how do you grade the performance of His Mexcellency, Matt Sedillo, Interim President for Life?

Sir Matt Sedillo, I believe you are doing a fine job and have built a good team with TeleJaguar, it’s the shit.  I hope you and the crew stay healthy and safe our people need you for when this crisis concludes.

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

Matt Sedillo


In this period of global pandemic people are tending to handle the crisis in relatively predictable ways. Whatever qualities they brought into this crisis they will display throughout it. People who tend to mask their feelings will will likely make jokes, the workaholic will bury themselves in new projects, the worrier will flood your feed with status updates, and people who constantly change their story one day to the next will post comparissons to the flu one minute and the buebonic plague the next. In all its fault and glory this is humanity on parade.

Similary ogranizations, systems, governments are handling this crisis largely in the way in which they handle everything. Any student of international affairs of the past 60 years could have predicted the Cubans would be sending doctors around the globe where needed. Also unsuprisingly, the Chinese government has sent their medical staff to assist in relief. Also again no surprise, the Chinese were able to build a hospital in a matter of days in order to address the crisis. This is what is possible when human activity is centrally planned and not in the hands of marketeers who exploit the desperate and alienated masses. Anyone who understands how a central planned economy works vs a market system would be able to understand how it is that the Chinese were able to build a hospital in days whereas the American government is scrambling to figure out where to buy respirators.

In this period of global pandemic the U$ government remains committed to imperialist domination of the planet. No internationalist speech, no call for global awareness, no haiku for humanity delivered alongside medical supplies, no well spring of internationalist sentiment in the face of a virus that threatens us all can soften or weaken or slow down the U$ political and economic drive for exploitation and its taste for blood. U$-1776 is an ongoing plague of another kind and it will not rest or self quarentine at the sight of Covid-19.

U$ Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Brian Hook stated plainly, “Our policy of maximum pressure on the regime continues,” later adding that Iran, spends billions on terrorism and foreign wars” and that Iran needs to gets it priorities right and that if they focused “on a better health care system, the Iranian people would have been much better off.” That’s a truly piping hot take coming from a guy who works in the government looking to spend a trillion dollars on Space Force. This is the same government of the same country that has approximately one hospital bed per three hundred people and has no idea where it to get respirators yet can find a trillion dollars to bail out the stock market or colonize the moon.

Two weeks prior to the intensified sanctions against Iran, the U$ sprang further sanctions against Nicaragua in its ongoing attempts to ouster Daniel Ortega. Announcing this wave of sanctions Secratary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin announced “Treasury is committed to holding accountable those who seek to silence pro-democracy voices in Nicaragua.” One of the major targets of the sanctions Nicaraguan national police. Again this is really incredible given the fact that 1) Mnuchin represents a country where, to the best of our knowledge the police murder 1000 people per year widely disproportinately black, brown and native men, 2) The U$ cages more people per capita than any nation on Earth both in sheer numbers and per capita again disproportinate on the color line 3) The U$ regularly rigs it’s own elections and has a bizzare structure of primaries and electoral colleges where it does not matter who actually gets the most votes and most relevant to the topic at hand 4) The U$ has waged on again off against war against Nicargua since the mid 1800’s and the days of William Walker.

Here in the U$ the fact that so many have heeded the calls to stay home is not lost on the state nor one of its most vicious appendages, ICE. Yes during a health scare, during a pandemic, during this unfolding crisis that could infect millions, ICE is coming into homes and brutally separating families. The beasts do not rest. They know neither mercy nor dignity, they continue to be what they are. In this pandemic the migrant concentration camps that have now become a “normal” feature of American life are particularly cruel and murderous given the dimensions of the cages and the lack of sanitation. This is intentional. It is always was.

Crisis will not teach the empire humanity. This beast will not self quarantine. Pandemic or no pandemic U$ imperialism must be dismantled for humanity to breathe freely.

5 Questions With Sol Marquez

5 Questions With Sol Marquez

A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

From Georgia, to Washington state, to the streets of Los Angeles everywhere Sol Marquez sets her feet she brings with her revolutionary fire and passion to fight for the people. From the mega marches of 06 to the planning committee for the 50th Chicano Moratorium to the daily struggles of la raza Sol Marquez is on the frontlines putting in work wherever she calls home.

We here at Tele-Jaguar got the chance to catch up with this rising young freedom fighter and ask her a few questions. Here they are, 5 questions, with the brilliant, Sol Marquez. Enjoy.

I’m a millennial Chicana who lives in Boyle Heights. I grew up in Washington state and Georgia.

My first activism was when my family and I worked in the fields in Georgia. My parents staged a strike when I was 13 that demanded that we as onion planters, be paid 25 cents more per foot. It was my first strike, and we won! We also took to the streets of Yakima, Washington during the 2006 Mega Marches. The Mega Marches were against the Sensenbrenner Law which was extremely racist and detrimental to Raza.

Finally, I became a lot more active organizing against the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, around 2010. I restarted activism as a member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). This would spark my interest in Socialism and in fighting for my Raza.

Since I live in Boyle Heights, I organize for Centro Community Service Organization – CSO. Our dual campaigns are to fight for community control over the police, as well as defending public education. I’m cochair of the Grassroots/Social Media subcommittee – which is part of a larger committee the 50th Chicano Moratorium Anniversary Committee. We are building to celebrate for the 50th Chicano Moratorium anniversary and continue with the demands of the 1970 event.

The first Chicano Moratoriums demanded much of what we are still demanding today: freedom for Chicanos and the ability to determine our betterment. The 1970 one was the largest with over 30,000 Chicanos taking to the streets of East LA, against the Vietnam war. Most Chicanos don’t know about this important day within our history. Chicanos should attend this year’s monumental anniversary to reconnect with our roots and to become emboldened with the mission to liberate us from oppression.

We as Chicanas are pivotal to any movement. The poor treatment of women predates modern society, and we have the whole world to gain when we fight back. In the U.S. rich white men have the most power than any other person, and this power easily rules us. If we as Chicanas were to win liberation from this form of ruling, we would be on our way to also destroy our oppression as women. In the 50th Committee we are in the frontlines, and we need all the Chicanas who are interested, to grab a picket sign and help organize!

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent

Matt Sedillo


Let’s see if they mark this as SPAM.

Social media users of the world unite. You have only THEIR community standards to lose.

UPDATE: Turns out it may have just been a “glitch” with their AI program. Developing story, either way, fuck ’em.

Violate billionaire community standards all day, every day.

Now is the Hour of Our Demands

Now is the Hour of Our Demands

Matt Sedillo


Capitalism is the commodification of surplus production and the exploitation of surplus labor. Surplus is anything above and beyond that which would keep us alive. Things are produced to be sold for a profit, making them commodities. Things are produced with resources, machinery and human labor. Human labor is the variable from which profit is drawn out of the production of commodities. From the capitalist perspective, whatever you do not pay the worker is your rate of profit. From the standpoint of reality, the capitalist as the capitalist adds nothing to the process of production. They simply own and exploit.

Facing a pandemic, capitalist nations across the world are looking to make adjustments now in order to maintain the system later. They are looking to make sure they can extract profit from workers at a later time by making crisis adjustments on the spot. They are looking to pause aspects of the market so that people may live in order to later be exploited.

In this time the Prime Minister of Canada has made statements concerning a possible moratorium mortgages and rent. So has the governor of California who as of 3/16/20 made an executive order to halt evictions . Spain is nationalizing all private elements of their healthcare system. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to give fewer parking tickets. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s has spoken about arresting fewer people during the pandemic as to not overcrowd the jail cells.

Essentially these are preliminary calls for aspects of capitalist terror and oppression to be paused so that they may return at a later date. This pandemic is showing us all the arbitrary brutality of the system we live under. Things simply do not need to be the way they are.

Whatever small temporary band-aid they offer we must demand as a permanent change in society. We must think beyond where we have been thinking.

Demand universal healthcare. Demand universal housing. Demand universal child care. Demand universal internet access. Demand universal streaming programs. Demand universal chill. Demand universal access to food. Demand universal toiletries. Demand. Demand. Demand. Demand an end to the market system. It is what stands in the way of everything. This crisis has more than proven this to be true.

5 Questions With Joey Villareal

5 Questions With Joey Villareal

A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

This week at Tele-Jaguar we are honored to present 5 questions with Joey Villareal. An author, an educator, a developer of agit-prop at its finest, Joey Villareal is a Chicano revolutionary and freedom fighter who throws his whole life, being and soul towards the struggle for liberation and self determination. With stories and answers that range from tales of solitary confinement to political awakening to authoring a study guide toward the liberation of our people, this week’s offering of 5 questions is truly something remarkable. If you have anything resembling a pulse this installment will leave you moved, awakened and called to action. Without further ado, Tele-Jaguar proudly presents: 5 questions with the great Joey Villareal. Enjoy.

1.       You are well-known as a Warrior / Educator / Activist for prisoner’s rights, Raza liberation, and stellar radio host of the revolutionary show, “Free Aztlan!” But tell us, who is Joey Villarreal?

I am the son of child laborers who toiled the fields while their parents worked right next to them. A child of the barrio whose home was raided by the pigs before I started elementary school. Born in San Jose, CalifAztlan but state raised—I am someone whose parents were criminalized before I was born and who was captured and held in juvenile hall at age 12. The boy’s ranches nor CYA could not smother my resistance and so I was sent to prison at age 18. My political consciousness was honed through a decade in solitary confinement. Study groups in Pelican Bay gave painful birth to my politicization. Understanding who my enemies were and who my friends were became a necessary component in maintaining my sanity and continuing my resistance. I am simply a voice, a vehicle that delivers a message to the Chicano nation. A musician that is keeping the beat of resistance beating in the hearts and minds of the gente.

2.       How did you get started with your radio show, and what does it mean to “Free Aztlan”

My interest in radio first began with my interest in media. And before that, it was my interest in propaganda which sparked all of this interest. So in the beginning, I would have to say that my interest in media began while in prison because it was in prison where once I became politicized, I had no way to participate with the struggles outside of prison. I could not go on a march, I couldn’t go to a rally, and I couldn’t participate in actions outside of prison because I was in the concentration camp. So I began to create writings and art work as a form of contribution to the movement outside of prisons because that’s the only way I could con tribute at that point especially since I was in solitary confinement, I could no longer organize hunger strikes or other forms of resistance out in general population like I did before although those things were happening, the opportunity was not as it was when I was in GP. This lead me to my interest in studying the history of propaganda and how many revolutionary societies partook in propaganda. Agitation and propaganda. It was during my deep study of agit-prop where I began to really understand the importance of propaganda and of things like radio, music, art work, and writings. I began to really understand the power that these forms of expression had. It was at this point where I was released from prison and I ended up linking up with POOR magazine. I began to work with them and it was through them that I began my program on YouTube, Free Aztlan. I did the YouTube videos once a week for about a year and I got the hang of doing interviews, going over different topics, and conversating about different forms of struggle going on in society. This is where I cut my teeth. After about 1 year, poor magazine began the process of getting their FCC license in order to have a radio station. They obtained the license for the station, KEXU 96.1 FM, and then they asked if I would be interested in having a slot for a radio show. Of course, I took them up on the offer and I’ve been doing Free Aztlan on the radio for almost two years now and so that is how I began the process of Radio. And I really have a deep appreciation for radio because it is an education tool and a platform that people can use to promote justice and to educate the people on injustice. It’s very important. To answer the other question, “What does it mean to free Aztlan”? When I say Aztlan, I’m talking about the Chicano Nation. When I’m talking about free Aztlan, I’m not talking about getting higher paying jobs, I’m not talking about getting parks named after Chicano people, and I’m not talking about having museums or being able to speak a different language. I’m not talking about freeing our people cosmetically. I’m talking about complete emancipation all the way up to forming our own government, all the way up to having our own standing army, and controlling our own resources, economy, and our own politics free from the oppressor nation and this is what I mean by Free Aztlan. That means complete self-determination all the way up to independence. That is free Aztlan!

3.       May you please tell us about your book, and where we can obtain a copy? How long did it take you to write your book and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

My book, Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan, is very important. It was written as part of a study group that I was involved with and published by MIM Prisons, which is a Maoist organization that works primarily with prisoners and offers many different forms of political education, political instruction for prisoners, and this organization worked with prisoners in developing correspondence courses. It was through a correspondence course that I took for revolutionary political science that the idea came about for the book Chicano Power. What happened was during the course of my studies, of course we went over many different aspects of political education, and we went over the classics: Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Stalin, plus many different revolutionary theorists, and we covered many other struggles that were taking place. We studied revolutionary organizations within these false US borders and through all of that I loved to study the history the Black Panther Party, the AIM, the Young Lords Party, the Brown Berets, I loved all of it; however, most of the revolutionary  groups that I was studying were not Chicano. There was a vacuum in material of a revolutionary nature pertaining to the Chicano Nation, so I ended up volunteering to write a pamphlet on Chicano History and the Chicano Struggle. Once I wrote and submitted the pamphlet, “Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan”, to MIM prisons, they then asked, “how about expanding on this and turning it into a book project?” which I agreed upon. MIM ended up teaming me up with another prisoner who was also politicized and who was also going through the revolutionary political science study group and we embarked on writing this book. We used my 100 page pamphlet and expanded on to that to come up with the book. The book is about 300 pages and it has been described as a Chicano revolutionary history book, a study manual, and a training guide. It talks about theory, has book reviews, critiques of organizations that claim to work in the interest of the Chicano Nation, describes organizing tactics, and political theory. If we were religious, I would say this is our bible. This is the bible for revolution of the Chicano Nation. This is the one stop shop for revolution, this has everything, but I’m not Jesus. This book is very important in carving out the path forward for today’s movement and people can order a copy by sending $20 cash, check, or money order to Aztlan Press, PO Box 4186, San Jose, Califas 95150. Or people can order the book online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and if you google the book title, you’ll find other retailers. Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan; beautiful book and I hope every household has a copy on their kitchen table. The book took around 3 years to write but this was three years of being imprisoned in solitary confinement so I basically had all day and all night and I wrote for hours and hours and hours a day. I would wake up, work out, and then I would write. Sometimes I would write all through the night until 11 PM, midnight and everything was written by hand and sent out. The organization outside of prison transcribed everything and this is how it was written. It took years to do it through the process of mailing out the writings, debates, back and forth, and agreeing on the final product. We had to continuously modify and correct some of the stuff that was being written. At the end we ended up all agreeing upon the final product and the book, in my opinion, is probably going to be one of the most important contributions that I made to the movement in my lifetime, and I am very proud to have contributed with this book. It is a very powerful book. The entire state of Texas has banned this book from entering any of its prisons. I believe the state of Colorado has done the same and these states do not want this book to get into the hands of the prisoners. The prisons themselves say that the book is a threat to the safety and security of the institution and that it calls for the overthrow of the US Government. I would say that this book calls for National Liberation of the Chicano Nation and I recommend this book to all Chicano people and also to any organization or group that works in the interest of Raza or any anti-imperialist group or movement because the Chicano Nation plays a key role in the future of liberation movements on this continent. The Chicano Nation also plays a key role on what happens to US Imperialism from this point out, so any freedom-loving people I would recommend to get this book and to study it even non-Chicano people should study it to understand the Chicano Nation’s struggles and to understand where we are going in the future.What I hope to accomplish with this book is for our people to obtain national liberation. I hope that this book helps in the process of shaping ideology and political line, and I hope that it is a blueprint on organizing inside prisons and outside prisons and that it in the end helps to promote unity within Aztlan and to be a compass for how our nation moves forward today and in the future.

4.       You are involved in the 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium. What does being “Chicano” mean to you, and why is the Moratorium so important?

Being Chicano to me means that people of Mexican descent who have grown up under the colonial government, also known as Amerikkka, have been shaped, and have developed differently than the people existing under the Mexican Government. As Chicanos, our interaction with US imperialism living under an Amerikkkan government has made us develop into the Chicano Nation. It helped in the formation of our nation. Stalin talked about how imperialism and the injection of capitalism actually helps in the development of nations because when US imperialism is creating railroads and creating all of this infrastructure so that they can pull out the resources from the oppressed nation in the process they’re building the infrastructure of the new nation because once we become liberated we’re going to have our railroads and all the things the oppressor has built. In one aspect, their exploiting all of the resources but in the process they’re building up the infrastructure of the oppressed nation It was our integration of living under the oppressor nation that helped us to form into a nation. That’s who the Chicano people are. We are of Mexican descent who because of our colonial relationship with Amerikkka, we have developed into a new nation and new people and we are Chicano people. This is what it means to be Chicano to me. Now, the importance of the Chicano Moratorium is important historically, to honor the original Moratorium of 1970, when the Chicano nation opposed the Vietnam War, but today it’s even more relevant because today Chicano people are filling the ranks of the US military faster than any other people. If the military is the arm of US Imperialism, then Raza has a huge responsibility to people around the world to stop US Imperialism. The Chicano Moratorium helps to educate our people that we should NOT join the US Military and that our wars are NOT overseas. There is a war going on here and our people need to join the Chicano movement in order to stop the oppression on OUR people and the oppression that is unleashed around the world at the hands of the US. So, the Chicano Moratorium plays a key role in preventing oppression around the world and exploitation around the world. Today there is a browning of the US Military, Raza are overwhelmingly becoming the highest recruits in the US Military and Raza women are the fastest growing population being recruited into the US Military. So, the Chicano Nation being the largest Raza population in the US has a huge responsibility to people around the world and the Chicano Moratorium helps to educate the people on that responsibility, and that is to say NO to the US Military.

5.       You have a beautiful grandson.  What would you like him to remember most about who you were to him as 1) a grandfather, and 2) as a revolutionary fighter for the people? 

What I would like my grandson Xicotli to remember most about who I was to him as a grandfather, I would like my grandson to know that I loved him very much and that although I struggled throughout my life, that I was a very selfless person who made decisions that would benefit him and his children before anything else. I want him to know that being a grandfather is being a teacher and being an example. I want him to know that I lived my life being the best example that I could, for him, even when it wouldn’t be realized until many years later. I want him to know that what makes me happy is to see him struggle through any obstacles that come his way. I would also like my grandson to know that I gave my life to what I believed in and for the struggle for national liberation for our people. And that I made many sacrifices because this is what I believed in. I understand it is a huge responsibility to resist US imperialism and the Chicano Nation has a huge responsibility in how we move forward. And as I struggled, I understood the sacrifice that I am making, but I know that the contributions that I make will outlive me and will benefit you and all of our people. And I want you to know that when you believe in justice, there should be no sacrifice that is too great to promote your belief. And one day our people WILL be free and I hope you know that your grandfather poured all of his energy in the struggle for a free Aztlan. I love you and I love our Raza, siempre.

This is not a Democracy: Money Power and the Rule of Law

This is not a Democracy : Money Power and the Rule of Law

Matt Sedillo


“How noble the law, in its majestic equality, that both the rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the streets, sleeping under bridges, and stealing bread! “- Anatole France  

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s like incredible.” – Donald Trump  

“All of the new Democrats that came in and put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bough — I, I got them.” – Mike Bloomberg

A Tale of Two Billionaires 


“Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest” and therefore no crime could be committed “if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest.”  These are the words of highly noted legal scholar, attorney, and former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz,  arguing on behalf of Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. Here it would appear Dershowitz  is arguing that a politician in the course of getting themselves elected was incapable of committing a crime as they believed their heart of hearts that their election was in the general interest of the public. This essentially amounts to the call for the end of law. For if people think they are doing right then they are permitted to do anything. We all know this only applies to the rich and the well connected. It was a strange moment in a very strange trial that in many ways cracked open the facade of American law and order and its relationship to money and power. Simply stated, the law exists in order to ensure that those with money remain in power. This is made more and more transparent by the day through the actions of both major political parties.

The impeachment of Donald Trump was a trial with no witnesses. Despite being the most hated president (and loved by monstrous sections of the country) in generations, there was a noted lack of interest in the impeachment hearings. This is likely because the articles of impeachment and the proceedings had little to do with why many people hate Trump. Trump was not being impeached for caging Central American children and separating them from their families. Trump was not being impeached for trying to enforce a Muslim ban. Trump was not being impeached for his lack of aid to Puerto Rico or the added insult of throwing paper towels at an audience. Trump was not being impeached for calling Haiti, El Salvador and the countries of Africa “shitholes.” Trump was not being impeached for his saying Mexico was sending “drug dealers” and “rapists” nor proceeding with the building of a racist wall. No Trump was being impeached for a phone call to the President of the Ukraine in which he threatened to withhold the shipment of weapons which could potentially be used to threaten Russia. The Democratic Party was seeking to impeach Trump not for his many, many, many unmanageable white supremacist outbursts but rather because he put his own personal interests ahead of the governing and maintenance of U$ imperialism. It is important to remember that Richard Nixon was impeached over Watergate and not COINTELPRO. It is important to remember the Democrats respond to the lawlessness of the Republican Party only insomuch as it effects their party structure and general aims of capitalism and imperialism. As evidenced by Al Gore in 2000 they won’t even fight for their own votes if it means enfranchising working people, especially those who are not white. It is also worth noting that Trump lost the general election by three million votes. He lost California by four million votes. The electoral college disenfranchised the entire state of California. Also of note, the Senate is an inherently undemocratic body. There are roughly 500,000 Wyomingites. There are roughly 40,000,000 Californians. Within the Senate 1 Wyomingite has the political representation of 80 Californians. The Electoral College delivered the hated Trump. The Senate prevented his ouster. This is not a democracy.

The billionaire Donald Trump stated he wanted the impeachment trial to be over before his state of the union speech and that is exactly what he got. During his state of the union a the brazen Donald awarded fellow racist media mogul Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Honor. During this charade there was also bipartisan applause for the would be usurper of the Venezuelan Presidency, Juan Guaido, who was later mobbed in the streets of Caracas for his treachery. The evening finally came to an end with Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripping up a copy of Trump’s speech. Not to be dramatically outdone Trump would later describe her actions as “very illegal.”

Coming out of the State of the Union the outlaw Donald Trump would go on white collar pardoning spree pardoning Edward DeBartolo, former NFL owner involved in one of the worst sporting scandals of all time, then wall street Mike Milliken, involved in one of the worst wall street scandals of all time and even crossed the aisle to commute the sentence of former Illinois Democratic governor Rod Blagojovich. Donald Trump appears now to be running on a pro corruption platform. Donald Trump acts with impunity because he is a criminal. Then again it is a criminal system that rewards brazen criminality.


While the Democrats scorned and lambasted the naked lawlessness of a trial with no witnesses their party leadership simultaneously also moved to violate their own rules of their convention for debate qualifications. They did so in order to allow billionaire Mike Bloomberg to take the debate stage near upon entry into the race. While the Democrats in the Senate were in the process of failing to impeach a billionaire president the Democrats in party leadership were changing their own rules so that they could bring a billionaire to their debate stage. With the rule change a candidate would no longer have to meet a numerical threshold of contributors to qualify for the debate. In response Bernie Sanders called it the very definition of “rigging the system.” Warren drew the immediate comparisons between Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump and even fellow billionaire and Democratic primary nominee Tom Steyer complained that “changing the rules now to accommodate Mike Bloomberg and not changing them in the past to ensure a more diverse debate stage is just plain wrong.”  Amy Klobuchar welcomed Mike Bloomberg’s addition to the debate stage.

In the initial debate Mike Bloomberg was exposed relatively quickly as unable to defend his racist record as mayor of New York. Both the policies and his justification for stop and frisk a policy that targeted young Black and Latino males was pressed heavily by Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg and even Biden. It was a debacle. No matter. The next day Bloomberg was endorsed by three members of congress. Thus far the presidential run of Mike Bloomberg most closely resembles that of the professional wrestling career of Ted Dibiase whose intro song stated, “some might cost a little, some might cost a lot, but I am the million dollar man and you will be bought.” Bloomberg buys politicians in the same way he buys TV ads with the total impunity of a man with an estimated net worth of 55 billion dollars. Super Tuesday will reveal if his money on endorsements and advertisements have been well spent.

Despite the big money he is spending on getting endorsements and buying ads Bloomberg’s racist billionaire impulses and practices are not far from the service. Early in his campaign it was revealed that he was relying on prison labor for phone banking. This is particularly egregious when you consider that during hurricane Sandy, when questioned about evacuating Rikers Island Bloomberg who was mayor at the time responded, “Rikers Island is up where they are and jails are secure. Don’t worry about anyone getting out.” So racist and cruel is Mike Bloomberg, that he didn’t even comprehend the question. And that maybe the most criminal thing of all.

The Sanders Candidacy

A spectre haunts the leadership of the Democratic Party as well as representatives of their class within the world of television punditry. And that spectre is the possibility of a Sanders candidacy. Ramping up even from 2016 levels of hyperbole and dishonesty media pundits have committed themselves to a number of firsts. The New York Times editorial board for instance endorsed two primary candidates one for Klobuchar for “centrists” and Warren for “progressives.” Joy Reid of MSDNC described Sanders candidacy as a “hostile takeover.” Chris Matthews of the same station went as far as to voice concern that a socialist victory would result in executions in Central Park with people “cheering on.” Later Matthews would go on to liken a Sanders victory in Nevada to the Nazi invasion of France. These comments are inexcusable and Matthews was rightly pressured to resign, which despite the tough guy “hardball” persona he has cultivated now for decades, he did, quite quickly. Like most fake TV tough guys all it takes is a little pressure.

Candidates themselves leading into super Tuesday have committed to outright political conspiracy against the Sanders campaign. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg both suspended their runs and threw endorsements behind Joe Biden in rapid succession. Apparently despite being the only candidate in the primary to make it a point of telling voters to vote for someone else Joe Biden is seen as the most likely “centrist” to beat Sanders in the primary. Even Beto O’ Rourke plucked himself up from the bootstraps of obscurity to endorse Biden soon after Klobuchar and Buttigieg. Bloomberg would go on to say he felt sorry for Klobuchar and Buttigieg but also congratulate the two for having had “behaved themselves” during their respective campaigns, spoken like a true billionaire.

While there is clearly a conspiracy against Sanders, we must also ask ourselves about the candidate independent of those conspiracies against him. There are things that the Sanders campaign represents that are historic. And that is really sad. It is really sad that the politics in this country are so dominated by wealth and the dreams of wealth that a political candidacy to raise the quality of life of working class people, while in no way, shape or form changing the political structures of the country, can be branded as revolutionary. Bernie Sanders is not a revolutionary. During the 2016 primaries he spoke highly of Dwight D. Eisenhower the President who sat over the political state sponsored assassination of the Rosenbergs. In the South Carolina debate apropos nothing Sanders denounced the Chinese government, to show he was no communist, one presumes. He has repeatedly referred to Maduro as a tyrant and once called Hugo Chavez a “dead communist dictator.” Bernie Sanders is not anti racist. Bernie Sanders opposes reparations. Bernie Sanders referred to open borders as a “Koch brother conspiracy” designed “to bring down wages of the American worker.” Bernie Sanders is not anti imperialist. He has voted in favor of acts of military aggression against other nations on multiple occasions. Bernie Sanders is not socialist. He will tell you so himself. Words have meaning and socialism is the nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy. Anything that is not that, whatever it may be, is not socialism. What the Sanders campaign represents is raising the standard and quality of life of the American worker to that of other imperialist nations. It is understandable why people would support that. Who does not want life to get easier? Who does not want life to get better? But that is what it is and it is not anything more than that. Describing Sanders or his campaign as revolutionary or socialist is not only inaccurate but counterproductive. Projecting more onto the Bernie Sanders campaign than what it is, in order to stay within the moral graces of one’s own conscience, cheapens the souls of those any and all who know better.

We at Tele-Jaguar hold this truth to be self evident. So long as we are subject to the rules and regulations of those with money and power we will get the law and order that results from the from the rule of those with money and power. We must break from this system for it offers us nothing but exploitation and the threat of death and imprisonment. It takes our time and energy and converts it into profit for the wealthy and well connected. It then taxes us on the wages we do receive to murder people all over the globe. A Sanders presidency would not change that. Whatever we do we must break from this system. Abandon illusions. This is not a democracy.