The Trojan Gusano: Remezcla is Trash and it Always Has Been

The Trojan Gusano: Remezcla is Trash and it Always Has Been

Matt Sedillo

A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

Remezcla is trash and it always has been. Under the glossy veneer of hip Latinx site reporting the latest and greatest musical, cinematic and literary trends from across Latin America, including Estados Unidos de America, has always laid the rot of straight up imperial Miami Gusano politics. Time and time again this trash outlet has sounded like a subcontractor for the National Endowment for Democracy or the State Department. Just straight up petty nasty propaganda designed to reach a particular demographic.

Here are some headlines to illustrate the point. Just look at this outrageous Gusaneria.

“Evo Morales Shoe Tying Bodyguard Make Bolivians Think He’s No Longer Evo From the Block”

“What Will Castro Confess to the Pope?”

“Chavez is Starting to Brainwash Children”

“Chavez Se Muiro: Thoughts from a Venezuelan ex pat”

“This is the Scene at Miami’s Versaille’s When News Fidel Castro Died Broke”

“Gloria Estafan on Fidel Castro’s Death: It is the symbolic death of destructive ideologies”

The Gusanos are downright ghoulish in their celebration of the death of revolutionary heroes. However it is not just spitting on the past that these devils specialize in. La gusaneria sigue sin vergüenza. Time and time again Remezcla has championed the cause of Juan Guaido. In the preposterously titled article “A Look at the Misconceptions About Venezuela’s Political Crisis” Remezcla point by point regurgitates Guaido’s press conference coupish claims to legitimacy. They echoed the talking points of the coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia publishing one mild rebuke of Anez interim government, then they went radio silent when she revealed herself as a complete fascist. In fact Remezcla went as far to refer to the Wiphala, the indigenous flag of resistance, as a “symbol of division!”  ¡QUE GUSANIDAD!

Just as Remezcla opposes national liberation abroad so too in the U$, this prison house of nations.

Remezcla’s conduct during the MEChA-MEPA struggle was no less treacherous. When MEChA a student organization born out of a broader national liberation struggle came under attack Remezcla posed as an honest broker between two sides of an argument. What they ended up actually doing was highlighting the work of the preposterous Aaron E. Sanchez, a right wing Republican evangelical from Texas, whose previous work deals with how Trump squandered all the work done by Reagan and Bush to bring Latinos into the Republican fold. But of course one could expect such audacious rottenness from an outlet opposed to national liberation, not just abroad but here in the U$. Gusanidad opposes national liberation throughout the Americas and the Southwest is no exception.

Generally speaking Remezcla is an outlet that not only revels in the petty gossipy turn in community organizing but in fact is an active force in that general historical push. The pulling away from analysis of facts, dates, history, economy and the move towards centering the latest cancellation or internet trend is the basis of Remezcla’s appeal and part of a larger ideological trend. This too is garbage. Placing central focus on how people feel about being oppressed rather than analysis of oppression and the struggle against it, is garbage. The new age so called “Woke” outlets including but not limited to Remezcla are garbage. These politics need be thrown in the dustbin of history.

Getting political analysis back on solid footing of historic materialism is the goal and aim of the Tele-Jaguar. Defeating Gusanidad is on the other hand is all our responsibility. Remezcla es basura.

5 Questions with Mike Bravo


5 Questions with Mike Bravo

This next interview is near and dear to the heart of Jaguarismo. The great Mike Bravo was one of the first to take an open stand against wokoseria in the opening salvo of the MEPA-Flame Wars. Before it became popular to take anything on directly or simply state what you mean online without dozens of qualifiers, Bravo stood tall and typed clear. But one would expect nothing less from our brother in arms. Whether its the question of indigenous identity, the gentrification of neighborhoods, having those difficult conversations within community, whereever there is a good fight to be had you will find Mike Bravo up to the challenge.

Recently Tele-Jaguar had the opportunity to talk with the great Mike Bravo and ask few questions. Enjoy.

5 Questions

1) Tell us about Sixth Sun Ridaz

So Sixth Sun Ridaz is a website I made back 2013 or 2014. Basically an Indigenous education website focusing on practical understanding and employment of our people/s spirituality, philosophy, and worldviews as it applies to the world we find ourselves in today. I never put myself out there like that but people would frequently ask me questions about things Mexican Indigenous. I’ve been through a lot and have done a lot in this Indigenous Activism/Reclamation game over the past what, almost 20 years now. I have made many mistakes and learned many things so it was also intended to share my perspectives and guidance on how to successfully navigate as an Indigenous activist and avoid a lot of the common pitfalls, posers, and manipulators inundating the scene. Also, part of the inspiration was that at the time Mexica Movement seemed to have an internet monopoly on online Mexica (Mexican Indigenous) web content. Got tired of hearing the same old regurgitated “thinking”. Even all the other “independent” Mexica sites basically regurgitated their stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the base of their content and message has been beneficial and precedent setting but that was in the 90s. They also don’t respect Indigenous spirituality. Not go into that too much but I felt and still feel there’s so many topics and information missing from their and other “Mexica” sites. Everything shouldn’t be centered about how much you don’t like White people, it should be centered in your love for yourself, your traditions and your people. Sixth Sun Ridaz goal is also to engage and equip, or remind rather, Indigenous Mexican and Central American peoples of their spiritual and cultural tools. Like I mention on the site, being Indigenous is more than just wearing regalia, putting your fist in the air, and accumulating book facts (which are mostly tainted by western methodology anyway), its about the way you walk, create, conduct yourself, and treat all relations.

2) You are big on promoting digital literacy among Brown and Black communities. Why is it so important for us to learn these skills?

Yes. Digital literacy as it pertains to documenting, defending, and lifting up our narratives. We all know media is biased. One of our main Indigenous teachings is that the Word can be a tool of creation or a tool for harm. If we’re not controlling our word, our image, and our narrative, someone else will and we all know that hasn’t worked out for us. Self sufficiency, self defense, and narrative control in the biggest age of information exchange the world has ever known is critical.

Fuck having to jock or beg someone for press or get mad at the punk ass local media who leaves you out 99% of the time. Do your own write up with a couple respectable relevant images, follow a few digital publishing basics, and boom, your page and exposure is as good as any other site on the net. Fuck having to get mad at the local paper or publishing that dissed you’re event or is perpetuating false narratives about you, your art, your cause or business.. write your own shit that has more truth and share it out. Fuck those child molester apologists who get by on people not knowing about their shenanigans, make a page about them. Anyone Google “Harmony Keepers” lately? 🙂

People are also more inclined to share a web page than someone’s long “great wall of text” post on Facebook that doesn’t even use paragraphs. There’s a lot of great thinkers with great insights that end up only reaching their immediate circle of friends. They could do so much more, impact so much more. My graphic design and web design publishing skills have been a pillar to my successes as an activist and educator. One doesn’t have to be a professional designer. There’s a lot of simple online publishing skills that people can learn which would greatly improve their reach and to success in whatever their “business” is, be it an artist, activist, or any other business. Controlling your/our narrative and image is the key take away.

3) You been fighting gentrification in Venice for a minute. The racism of the gentries has been shockingly open at times. Yet now you see them all backpedaling trying to appear to be part of the solution instead of the problem. This of course is still not the case. What are some of the more glaring hypocritical things you have seen recently coming from the forces of gentrification in Venice California?

Yea, the last 4 years or so my activism has been more Venice centered, lots going on here in my hometown. I don’t know if it’s a backpedal, more like upgraded intensity of their facade and opportunism. This is a town filled with people who espouse themselves progressive but are hella apathetic and staunch agents and apologists for gentrification. There’s a street called Abbot Kinney that’s known for its affluent bougie trendy scene. They had their “BLM” march, stores boarded up with all these “Black Lives Matter” sentiments but that scene is the epitome of systemic racism and everything wrong about Venice. For instance you got that trendy artist Muck Rock who’s not from here with all them graffiti portraits of different Black personas both living and dead. Admittedly the art is cool and catchy at surface but she has people fooled thinking she’s some type of conscious hip hop artist or a real local but in actuality she’s one of the biggest apologists and tools for gentrification here. She works with and hangs with the most egregious gentrification agents. That’s just one example tho. People coming to Venice think that shits cool. Sadly, nobody really does their research about where they go and how to be socially responsible to the communities they visit who are fighting white supremacy, displacement, and other bullshit. Probably even more prevalent in Venice since it’s a city, state, and world famous tourist destination. Gentrifiers, tourists, and visitors in general think Venice is their playground. They come here to have fun. They ain’t trying to hear or be about anything serious or reality based.

4) What’s going on with Venice Baptist Church?

Man. Quick recap for those that don’t know, the First Baptist Church of Venice is 111 year old 7-lot historical Black space/property. The first black church in Venice. #BlackLandMatters and this is the most important Black property in Venice. About 3 years ago it was fraudulently sold by a crooked pastor who sold it to billionaire Jay Penske, son of George Penske of automotive racing fame. Jay Penske owns Penske Media (PMC) which owns Variety and Rolling Stone amongst other media publications. They havent been able to build anything yet because myself and small group of stubborn Blacks and Mexicans have been holding them from building anything. We’ve been through I don’t know how many city hearings and departments. I even had a lawsuit representing myself, against L.A. City Planning which eventually got dismissed this past January 2020 . We keep fighting tho.

Things were a lil slow for that cause after that, trying to recoup some energy and strategy. You know, it’s being almost 3 years, was winter, and then trying to figure out how to get things crackin again. Covid hit

and the normal Sunday gatherings that we’ve been doing the past three years stopped. A big blessing came beginning of June when Ben Affleck came to that protest on Abbot Kinney. My homegirl was making noise at the event about the church and apparently he approached her and talked to her. He held up one of our signs promoting the fight for the church, she took a pic, she sent it to me, I hash-tagged and verbiaged it up on social media, and it went viral. I ended up doing interviews the rest of the day. It got our cause national and international attention and put Jay Penske and our local racist councilperson on full blast. Now with all the BLM movement momentum and this windfall of attention to our cause we’re in the best position we’ve ever been in the past 3 years. We’re gonna win this.

People say you can’t fight big money and it definitely plays a role but there’s a lot to be said for people power, strong hearts, and persistence. If a huevon like myself can do this much I can only imagine what someone younger and more organized could do. You can catch up on the scoop here:

5) Can you introduce us to Ben Affleck?

Not my Ben.

Haha. Come to Venice, I’ll introduce.

Tucker Carlson is an Enemy of the People

Matt Sedillo


Tucker Carlson is an enemy of the people.

On June 6th 2020 Tucker Carlson added to his long list of infamously racist attacks this time targeting the Black community by saying “This may be a lot of things, this moment we’re living through, but it is definitely not about Black lives. Remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will.” The blatant racism of Tucker Carlson gives way to a central lie told about U$ history and society. That lie is that the U$ is constantly moving forward and progressing towards some grand justice, that things were worse in the past and that we are moving towards some shining new future. What Tucker Carlson says here that Black people are going to “come for you” harkens back to rhetoric used during the fight to end segregation in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s as well as the rhetoric of the so called Redeemers who fought against the reforms being achieved following The Civil War in the late 1800’s. The first major motion picture made in the U$, Birth of A Nation made in 1915 central theme was that Black people are going to attack white people given half the chance. Woodrow Wilson called it “history as written by lightning.” This is a central theme of U$ history and society.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan delivered a speech on “state’s rights” in Philadelphia Mississippi only a few miles where three Freedom Riders had been killed in 1964. In 2020 the President of the U$ said in response to Black led rebellion “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” as well as planning a rally in Tulsa site of a massacre of Black people on Juneteeth no less, a day recognizing not the end of slavery but the trickery of slaveholding whites who did not follow the laws of emancipation. The criminalization of Black people animated lynch law as well our prison industrial complex today. Tucker Carlson’s latest racist attack on Black people would find a a home in the 1800’s in 1915, the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, the 1960s in the 1980’s or today. These attacks are constant and core to the U$ experience.

Tucker Carlson is an enemy of the people. His attacks on our community have also been horrific.

On January 2018 he invited professional white supremacist Mark Steyn who said this, “The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.” 

After Steyn rambled a bit more about the betrayal of “real Americans” over “these DACA people”, Tucker Carlson sprung to the defense “real American White supremacists”, asking how could politicians could possibly “lead a country whose population you despise?”

Continental white supremacist Mark Steyn, a Canadian, continued , “In Arizona the majority of grade school children are Hispanic. That means Arizona’s future is as a Hispanic society. That means the border has in effect moved North. And the cultural transformation outweighs any economic benefits.” 

Tucker Carlson’s responded, “It’s at the very least bewildering for the people who grew up here. And that’s real. I don’t think you have to be animated by hate or anything to say maybe I should have some say in how my country evolves.”   

On March 27th 2018, Tucker Carlson opens a segment entitled, “Hazelton Transformed”  by stating, “Recently on this program we told you about the wave of demographic change that has transformed the town of Hazelton Pennsylvania. In the year 2000, Hazelton was less than 2% Hispanic. Today thanks to mass immigration Hazelton is majority Hispanic.” Carlson further sounded the alarm decrying,  “More than half of the residents there speak a language other than English at home.” Tucker Carlson then continued, ” We got those numbers from a recent piece in National Geographic that quoted lifelong Hazelton residents saying they no longer recognized their own hometown. They didn’t hate immigrants, most Americans like immigrants. But this was too much change. In fewer than 20 years the culture their parents and grandparents built evaporated. They never asked for that. They were bewildered, understandably.” 

Tucker Carlson, constantly bewildered enemy of the people continued, 

“What happened in Hazelton is happening around the country and the neighborhood changed forever with no public debate.” Carlson also issued the stark warning that “Los Angeles County is overwhelmingly Hispanic.” The segment concluded with Carlson speaking with guest Lou Barletta, the former mayor of Hazelton. As Barletta spoke a byline ran across the screen posing the question,

“Are Immigrants Replacing American Culture?” 

In 2006 as Mayor of Hazelton, Barletta passed the Illegal Immigration Relief as well as an Official English Ordinance. Barletta at the time was working under the tutelage of Kris Kobach, the longtime secretary of state from Kansas. Kobach, who led Trump’s transition team in the selection of a cabinet, was also instrumental in Arizona law SB1070.

In December of 2018 Carlson decried immigration policies that left the country “poorer dirtier and more divided.”

In 2019 in response to the massacre in El Paso, Tucker Carlson referred to white supremacy as “a hoax.”

The idea that Mexicans are going to make or are making the country “poorer and dirtier” and therefore should somehow be managed in one way or another could find a home in arguments for and against the Mexican American War, such as Emerson’s infamous quote “Mexico will poison us” or Whitman’s “What has Mexico… to do with peopling the new world with the noble race”, could be found in the greaser act, the bath riots, Texas massacres, Mexican Repatriation Act, Zoot Suit Riots, Mexican Schools, the banning of Salt of Earth, the murderous attacks on Chicano Moratorium, the sterilization of Chicanas in California, massacres at San Ysidro, Prop 187, Operation Gatekeeper, the Sessenbrenner bill, SB1070, Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump, massacre in El Paso.

Again Tucker Carlson would find a home in the 1800’s, the 1940’s, the 1950’s, the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and very much a defining feature of this cursed century of U$ politics.

Tucker Carlson is an enemy of the people and a product of racist society built on a colonial economy. He is a cancerous but logical outgrowth of a sick system. These are not mistakes. These are statements of attack and the howl of a racist beast that creates and recreates itself generation to generation.


Pandemic and Protests, Pacoima Presente!

Pandemic and Protests, Pacoima Presente!

Ernesto Ayala


The US went from being the center of a Global Pandemic to the center of a historic Rebellion that has smoldered the tender fabric holding together the hypocritical entity that is the United States. Weakened by the Coronavirus’ the image of George Floyd an African man being lynched in public streaming live on Social Media in the year 2020 set fire to the shaky restraint the African nation inside of the US had held back even a large number of the Chicano-Mexicano and Raza peoples together with the public at large. Rebellions tore through basically all of the major cities of the empire or prison of nations. Images of extreme violence we are used to seeing happen ANYWHERE else but here imprinted themselves on the people. Police forces without any restraint and the people who had had the last straw met on the street. Brutal clashes, looting, a police station torched, Trump hiding out in a bunker while outside police shot at people and people battled them. A cloud of tear gas wafts over from sea to shining sea.

Take all that in and in Pacoima a small town in the most northern part of the City of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley a working class Barrio, the only place Africans could buy a house, down the street from where the Rodney King beating happened. Yes this small town home of Ritchie Valens, where you can see Danny Trejo attending some event every now and then, where Cheech Marin’s original character “Pedro de Pacas” walked the Barrio streets, where all three of their faces adorn many murals, took a stand.

Police murder and brutality has always been a staple in the experience of Chicanos. Neighbor to Pacoima is the independent City of San Fernando which used to have the fame of Chicanos mysteriously “committing suicide” by hanging themselves in the old town jail under the Court building. So bad was their reputation that not that long ago many of their officers were known for beating Chicanos up if they caught you unaware. San Fernando PD and the LAPD were also sued by La Raza Unida in a class action lawsuit in the early 80’s for spying and disrupting the Partido. Some of their tactics included not only infiltrating the organization but infiltrating families, mine one of them. One of my fathers stories includes being pulled out of his van by SFPD at gunpoint. The cop saying “oh you’re one of them Raza boys, lets see how bad you are now” the police officer holding a gun to my fathers face with his buddy behind him gun drawn as well and in contrast my father a new teacher at Pacoima Junior High with two Raza Youth Committee members with him. Then the 80’s and 90’s came and you walked in fear of the police. Pacoima is home to the LAPD foothill division, the same one that beat Rodney King and the same one to first use the LAPD’s then new toy, a tank modified with a battering ram. Back then before cameras and phones were being carried around everywhere the police exacted an amount of fear, mistrust and indignation upon Pacoima and San Fernando that still rears its head up today. Obviously the same story practically goes anywhere there is Raza or Africans.

Then as we saw these events unfolding before our eyes people wanted to organize something locally. With an amount of fear and uneasiness because one does not just jump into planning things risking the health and well being of their own community or people. Many people in the barrio having seen images of looting feared that that would be brought to Pacoima with anything even touching upon the subject at this very moment. Also, Coronavirus has impacted the area going from a dozen cases two months ago to almost 1,000 confirmed cases by now. These concerns were real.

The call was made to gather on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Osborne about two large blocks away from the LAPD foothill station itself. The corner is the parking lot for a decades long abandoned supermarket “El Tigre” and a small shopping center with only a small shop open in that corner. A testament to the abandon and disregard to our peoples, to our communities well-being. A group of young Chicanos came and set up giving away BBQ and chicken sandwiches, the event started with the sound of the Huehuetl or “tambores Mexicas” then members of the Tataviam and Tungva tribes made a welcoming, followed by members of Danza Temachtia Quetzalcoatl, Tloque Nahuaque and others whose drumbeats and dance helped bring the crowd together. I, a member of La Raza Unida, was asked to MC the event. Speakers from the community came up, some of them having come off the street. An elderly African man said how he teared up in his car seeing us out there supporting Black Lives that he just had to stop, some people spoke about their experiences, a Chicana mother spoke of having had to raise her nephews because the Foothill Division had murdered her brother in the 80’s. A sense of empowerment and down to earth solidarity electrified the crowd. The event ended without any incident although it was said the LAPD was waiting up the street. People mostly young Africans and Chicanas rallied and a group would march from corner to corner shouting “Black Lives Matter!” On one of the corners some brothers from the GR818ERS a local hip hop cultural group, began breaking. We emphasized the need for organization and were able to sign up a lot of people to participate in future actions and events. Rancheras and oldies mixed into the air from the Ranflas parked behind the crowd as the event came to a finish and we were able to have everyone go home safe and without incident.

A few days earlier a small committee of people had come together and developed a program and pulled together a security team. Then another flyer came out and that added another variable to our concerns. We were able to reach them and coordinate. We were able to coordinate with some of the local Barrios as well who kept a watchful eye over the barrio making sure all was well. With what little time we had Pacoima proved itself as not only a center of resistance and a long held tradition of liberation politics but that Pacoima itself was able to like always defy all the odds and bring out its people, manifest our justified indignation and just as abruptly pull back and send everyone home safe. Against the fear, against the social media woke policing of events held by Chicanos all this was accomplished. That day was a true testament to organization, a true testament to community policing and defense. A glimpse of what could be shown itself in this humble Chicano Mexicano and African/Black barrio nestled in the San Fernando Valley.

I cannot express the pride I felt going home that evening. The pride that my town, my Raza was able to in the matter of days muster itself up and put this together and show leadership and solidarity is beyond words. I love this town, I love Pacoima. I love Tataviam.

Ernesto Ayala

La Raza Unida

Pacoima, Tataviam



When Jacksonians Attack

When Jacksonians Attack

Matt Sedillo

A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

Last week Karena Acree Paez of Tele-Jaguar wrote a very fine article citing some very basic truths about the Obama/Biden administration. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It was a popular article that laid out the basic continuity between the Obama and Trump years. There was however an impassioned and pathetic minority of raving Jacksonians, spirited by a craven denial of basic facts and an unparalleled will towards ignorance who sought to defame and discredit the article. In defense of the known racist, creep and war criminal Joe Biden, these sons and daughters of Woodrow Wilson made slanderous attacks that ranged from menacing threat to cold war xenophobia to faux-woke critique. The army of the lesser evil has no clothes nor shame. Bound by neither decency nor logic there is nothing these vile weak willed Polkites would not say in defense of the latest DNC selected Dixiecrat.

For now names will be excluded as this only a warning shot. In the future Tele-Jaguar will not hesitate to attach people’s disgrace to the names they themselves freely provide. This is by no means a comprehensive listing only an offering of some pitiful lows.

“Shut the fuck up I am way more revolutionary than you will ever dream of being.” And then when challenged, “Keep hiding your ignorance behind your entitled machismo” – Same fucking guy, unbelievable!!!

“Those teens in cages at least had a mattress” – In defense of Obama’s expansion of ICE and detention centers. This is where the disgraceful ideology of lesser evilism leads.

“Tale-Jaguar must me a trump supporter . only some one like that will obsessively spread misinformation.” – How is saying that Obama built the machine Trump used an endorsement of either administration? Where is your mind? Where is your logic? Where are your sentence editing skills?

“Fuck who ever made this. Trump is president now. What has he changed. Nada bavoso. People want to be like. My master trump is the best. No my master Obama. Republicans are my masters. Well my master are Democrats. The you try to get them to look in there DERICTOIN. Instead of opening their eyes to what we need them to do for the Raza.” -WHAT????

” Stupid ass lies!! Stop with the nonsense. Remember trump has agents to spread lies called Russians.” Then when asked, “What lies?” he responded “I never disagreed with the increase of funding of ICE during President Obama’s terms.” – Did this man just Russiabate himself by agreeing with the content of the article?

“QUIT SPREADING PROPAGANDA AND VOTER DEPRESSION!”- It is a depressing situation and we at Tele-Jaguar will not lie to the people.

“Way to go Hombres, most of these machista comments are all from men. Real revolutionary.” – Apparently pointing out Joe Biden’s predatory behavior is now “Machista.” These Dixie whistling hypocrites will say anything.



“NONE OF YOU ARE PSEUDO INTELLECTUALS!”- No. No we are not. We are not pseudo intellectuals. We are revolutionary minded thinkers and writers who seek the liberation of our people and the working class in general. We see that neither major U$ political party share these goals.

Neither seeks a just world. Neither will stop destroying the planet. Neither will stop threatening war across the globe. Neither party will stop waging war across the globe. Neither party will stop caging and killing our people.

Smash the duopoly. Ya basta pinche Jacksonians.

5 Questions for Community Power Collective

Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

“May Day 2020 recap: Street Vendor Power and Demands!”

In 2017, it was estimated that there were approximately 50,000 vendors in Los Angeles. It took more than a decade of organizing to finally legalize vending in the city of L.A.

Thanks to this movement led by single mothers and immigrant families – it is now also legal to vend in the STATE of California as of September 2018. Unfortunately, like many workers, street vendors have been left with no income because of COVID19 shutdowns. Because of varying legal statuses, vendors have also found themselves unable to apply to many family services and employment relief. 

Street Vendors held a car caravan action on May Day 2020 to demand support from the city of Los Angeles, to give them refunds on permits that are currently useless especially as Safer-At-Home orders seem to continue into the Summer. I interviewed Carmina Calderon of the Community Power Collective to give us a brief overview of the vendor needs and demands. 

1. One of the Vendor demands is “refunds for permits issued” since vendors are unable to work at the moment. What does this mean?

Vendors are demanding refunds for their permits that have basically remained unused since they got them. These permits cost $291, which right now, could go a long way for the vendors since they’re not working. On top of this BSS (Bureau of Street Services)/Public works – one of the stops of the May Day rally- is the entity showing up to reprimand/ticket vendors if they still decide to vend during this time.

2. Have there been cases of vendors left without housing? Are there estimates of how many vendors are renters?

So far we haven’t seen any vendors lose their housing, but a lot are being harassed by their landlords. A lot of them have been paying their rent in cash, or live in makeshift housing (informal unit), etc. We hold weekly calls with all our members, including vendors, to let them know about their rights as tenants. We help write the letters to their landlords, and we also connect them with legal counsel if their case sounds extreme. Almost all vendors are renters. 

3. What kind of support are vendors looking for? Have families been receiving or applying for “Angeleno Card” or similar services provided by the state of California? 

They need money for things like food and bills and medical expenses. We do our best to let them know they don’t have to pay rent right now, but then there’s the impending fear that they will be evicted once the quarantine lifts and the courts open back up. They applied for Angeleno cards, but I think we only know one person that received it. And yesterday the portal for aid for undocumented people opened up and CHIRLA’s support lines were flooded instantly, so we are still pending to see which of our folks were actually able to get anything. We are also working on giving them letters from our lawyers that say they were affected by COVID-19.

4. Highlights of recent national vendor conference/call? 

Last Wednesday, May 13th there was a Vendor Townhall with Vendors from NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, demanding street vendor justice across the US. The townhall was used to have vendors from across the country tell their stories of their struggle to work in a dignified way. They also used the call to announce their platform and get the attention of their local and state officials. the link for the platform is here:

5. Other ways to support?

Street Vendors have been receiving some aid from our friends at Inclusive Action – where they’ve already been able to help 600+ vendors with loaded money cards for any of their expenses. The link is right here:

Best way for public to connect:

We’re working on launching our new social media to talk about the work we’re doing with housing and street vendors and mariachis. We’ve formed an entity called Community Power Collective. For now, follow the Facebook page

We’re also trying to help Mariachis in the same way with the cash cards, like with the street Vendors:

Please stay tuned as we continue to provide updates from the campaign and share ways to become involved!

The Mass Deportation & Migrant Incarceration Machine that Obama / Biden Built for Trump

Karena Acree-Páez


If you oppose the mass incarceration of migrants and asylum seekers, then voting for Biden is not an option for you. 

Both Biden and Trump support kids and adults in cages, as further examination of the Obama/Biden Administration’s atrocities on migrants clearly reveals. This is not even a question of “lesser evil” voting. The Obama/Biden administration were the chief architects of Trump’s anti-immigrant and mass incarceration of migrants and asylum seekers. The lurid suffering of millions of asylum seekers and migrants during the Obama/Biden administration bears testament to this fact. 

Obama/Biden created the largest deportation machine this country has ever seen. 

A vote for Biden is a vote of support for the following barbarity: 

3 million deportations deportations under Obama/Biden (setting a record for all administrations);

❌ Growing ICE agency by 3,600% under Obama/Biden; and

❌ Obama’s $1 billion dollar  contract with CCOA just before leaving office to build a for-profit prison for women and children asylum seekers.

When Obama came to office, he inherited George W. Bush’s budding deportation agency grounded in the “War on Terror’s” anti-immigrant appeal. By the time Obama left office, he had turned ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) into the largest, well-funded deportation machine that this country has ever seen. 

When Biden was recently asked to answer for the deporations, he offered no justification yet boldly reaffirmed his unconditional support for these cruel human rights violations.  At the September 2019 Democratic presidential debates Biden responded to 3 million deportations by stating that Obama, “did the best thing that was able to be done,” and “I stand with Barack Obama all eight years, good, bad and indifferent.”

Biden cannot escape from having a hand in child separation and mass incarceration of migrants. 

Here’s a Biden voter’s logic: If you don’t vote blue you are voting to keep kids in cages. I don’t care that it was the Obama/Biden administration that BUILT the baby jails.

Not only did Biden express solidarity with Obama for their administrations campaign of terror on migrants, but Biden has also dared to try to deny that children were separated from their parents and incarcerated. 

Immigration attorney, Andrew R. Free, recounts his exchange with Barack Obama regarding baby jails in 2015 which he says, “shook me to my core.”
“In 2015, I shook President Obama’s hand, thanked him for DACA, and asked him to reverse course & close the for-profit baby jails (also known as ‘family detention centers’) he opened in Dilley & Karnes City, Texas. What he said shook me to my core. 

Specifically, I told him, ‘It’s wrong. And it’s going to be a stain on your legacy.’ He stopped moving on to the next person in the rope line and looked back at me. I’d gotten his attention. He turned back, looked at me and ‘Are you an immigration lawyer?’ ‘Yes.’ When I said ‘Yes’, the President looked back and engaged: ‘I’ll tell you what we can’t have. It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.’

And he walked on down the rope line. Not, ‘I know. I’m working on it.’ not, ‘Thanks for your support’. Just, ‘Yes. This is the right move given what I perceive the facts to be.’ I was dumbfounded. Let’s unpack the logic of what he said because it’s that logic which led us here.

First, the President tacitly admittedly that he was using detention of mothers and children as a deterrent. Days later, a federal court would find that policy likely violates the due process clause.

And rightly so, as @ACLU powerfully demonstrated.

Detention as Deterrence of future migration works only if it’s unpleasant, and only if you can ensure that people don’t get out. You don’t just detain to deter. You detain to deport.

What’s wrong with that? First, it doesn’t work. It assumes a parent would rationally chose to watch her daughter raped or murdered in Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras instead of helping her flee to seek the domestic and international legal protections of US law. Would you?

And the detention policies of the last administration were set up to deter that hope. All the while yielding a hefty corporate profit. It was and is a moral failing that these places still existed when President Obama left office. It wasn’t for want of trying to close them.

What I hope for us in this moment of critical mass, in this tipping point, is that we will collectively have the courage to hold our leaders accountable when they tell us putting families in for-profit cages to deter asylum-seeking is necessary to stop family separation.”

How is Biden a solution to the crisis of asylum seekers, if the Obama/Biden administration oversaw campaigns of terror which made these victims asylum seekers to begin with? 

Obama and Biden oversaw the destabilization of Honduras which led to a huge influx of unaccompanied minors amongst other asylum seekers who were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge after the U.S. Empire waged terror in their home countries. 

Under their watch, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton backed the coup in Honduras leading to murders, economic devastation, and gross human rights violations by the incoming U.S. puppet dictator, Juan Orlando Hernández. Hernández is now in his second term wreaking havoc on the lives of Hondurans who are still victimized by our prior Democratic administration. 

The Obama/Biden administration set up the systems and infrastructure for Trump’s atrocities. 

If anyone is looking to vote for the Democrats to resolve the horrific condition of children in cages, Biden is not an option, as our prior administration crafted both policy and the cages. Democrats literally built and filled those cages before Trump did. 

Obama/Biden administration did the following:

❌ Arrested tens of thousands of undocumented parents whose kids were US citizens, causing them to lose contact with their children.

❌ “Disappeared” those parents in the immigration enforcement system, where they were nigh-on impossible to track down, before deporting them to countries they hadn’t lived in for as long as decades.

❌ Orphaned thousands of kids who were left without a legal guardian when their parents were shunted to another country.

❌ Sent the parents of those kids to places where there was more than a good chance they’d be kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, killed, or sometimes all of the above.

❌ Traumatized both the kids left behind and the kids whose parents were undocumented but not yet arrested, which saw those kids develop symptoms of PTSD, stress-based health problems, and night terrors.

So who do we vote for in 2020? 

This is obviously up to you and your conscience, but it is criminally negligent to dare to say that Biden is the solution to the mass incarceration and deportation of migrants and asylum seekers. 

ICE has been waiting 16 years for a tyrant. Obama and Biden almost got there, but instead they just handed the keys over to Donald Trump after building the largest for-profit mass incarceration and deportation machine this country has ever seen. Expecting the Democrats to solve this, reflects an abysmal lack of comprehension regarding the scope of this problem. Without Obama and Biden, the current administration’s practices would be flatly impossible. 

Smashing the duopoly is how we can rid ourselves of both agents of death and oppression, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Our children are counting on us to be bold visionaries of a new society. It will take action. It will take political courage. It will take pulling both feet out of any further actions to support the mass murderers represented by both the Democratic and Republican party’s candidates. Not one more vote, not one more donation, not one more campaign to support the party of Genocide Jackson. Until we the people build a broad-front coalition, a strategy which has successfully been used in recent years by countries such as Chile, France, Spain, and Mexico, to break through oppressive duopolies we are responsible for the choices we have at the ballot box. It can be done in just a few years if people are willing to firmly commit to redirecting their time, money and votes from rigged elections and corporate parties to building something new. We must have hope. Until then, we must keep working to serve the needs of your community while pushing forward the creation of a people’s party for the working-class. Together, the working-class can chart new parties, practices and policies that work to liberate all communities.

Honoring and Acknowledging the Contributions of Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez

By Matt Sedillo, Maria Flores, Ernesto Ayala

At Tele-Jaguar we give credit where credit is due. From all of us, thank you Karena for being the driving force you have been.

Capitalist society reduces reality to the individual it focuses on one’s individual world so as to break the natural bonds we have as humans which are a social and communal being. Yet time and again the real world despite capitalist propaganda shows us that what makes things move is the collective and how individuals within the collective that give themselves, their efforts, their time and dedication to a common idea and goal well those are the examples we must emulate and strive to be. Compañera Karena is an example of that. Telejaguar would be nothing without her dedication. She has helped mold the page and build it by dedicating herself to doing what needs to be done and doing what she says she will! She takes our sometimes disparate skill sets puts them together and helps us become a single weapon in the fight against all that holds La Raza and thereby humanity back. Gracias Compañera! ✊🏽- Ernesto Ayala

Thank you Karena for your leadership and guidance in this media endeavor that is Telejaguar. Your discipline is inspiring and sets the foundation for the rest of our work. We are so fortunate to have you on our team! Your communication skills are unmatched –the best of anyone I have met in regards to media campaigns and strategy. I feel very lucky to be able to work alongside you as we develop this platform.

TeleJaguar also helps mold other political work I am involved in as well. Oftentimes, people underestimate the value of graphics in a highly visual, constantly consuming world. With your knowledge and expertise on our team, we will thrive and bring in a new era of Chicanx arts and journalism!- Maria Flores

Tele-Jaguar is a collective built around the talents and visions of its members. As the project has developed the contributions of Karena Acree-Páez have been foundational to all other developments. In the day to day operation of Tele-Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez has set the pace of production and growth. She has been the glue keeping the project together, truly the driving force behind the Jaguar. Que Viva Tele-Jaguar. Que Viva Karena. – Matt Sedillo

Your La Raza Unida Page has been unpublished: Is it 1970 or 2020?


Slug: Your La Raza Unida Page has been unpublished: Is it 1970 or 2020?

By Jenaro Ernesto Ayala

La Raza Unida Party


On April 3rd, 2010, as Facebook was becoming an everyday thing I thought it would be a good idea to open up a page for the organization I grew up in and belong to: El Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida or simply La Raza Unida. I uploaded pictures from our files and began populating our Facebook page with more contemporary pictures from marchas, conferences, meetings, community actions, and our annual Fiesta En El Barrio that we have held every year since 1995 in Pacoima/San Fernando.

My party has a long history of political action since its birth in Crystal City, Texas on January 17, 1970. A natural outcome of that decolonial legacy laid down 50 years ago was for La Raza Unida de San Fernando-Pacoima, California, which has held the longest active chapter since 1971, to take the natural step of building an online presence.

Right from the beginning the page was under constant attacks and reports to Facebook for its memes and videos, but we stood strong. I regularly shared news from other Chicano and Latino pages like Telesur and Union del Barrio to give them a hand at outreach. In 2018, we were at Chicano Park in San Diego when Trump supporters swore to raise the US flag and live streamed the event, garnering hundreds of views within seconds. Nothing fancy, but there was our page not holding back, and taking the threats, sometimes of violence, from Trump supporters with a grain of salt.

Open opposition is nothing new.  La Raza Unida has its history of confrontation with defenders of colonialism including white supremacists, and agents of the state. These lessons of resistance and responsibility I learned from my father who with his brush and paint would make many of the banners we carried at demonstrations by hand. Following his example in the 21st century I began making memes.

            “You need to make something that’s direct and to the point but that still gets attention,” he said regarding his banners and flyers.  Specifically I remember a large red banner he had just painted. The banner, nothing fancy, had a hand brushed silhouette painting of Zapata from his chest up. In black letters that seemed to be painted on a wall it  said “Zapata Vive!” and in smaller letters below it read “La Raza Unida”. That was it.

His banners would always attract onlookers. It wasn’t an elaborate fresco, it was handmade, plain, simple, but very good. How else would you get the attention of someone weighed down with many worries in life? Someone like a worker.

            I applied the same idea to memes. Nothing fancy, but this working class Chicano, a product of the same experience as other Chicanos, had a lot to say, and it is easy to say it with memes.

“Go Back to Europe” has become a thing now. Other memes we made went viral and   four of the memes I made and posted on the Raza Unida page were put in a government database during the fallout from “Russiagate” as “Russian Inspired” social media propaganda. As if we need Vladimir Putin to tell us about the Chicano condition and everyday life. I also don’t recall any Russians with me when I got the idea for a meme from a friend that ended up in that “database.” This same meme caused much ire in right wing and identitarian circles. Nor do I recall any Russians telling me to make a meme alluding to the Kapernick Nike ads only with a ship sailing in the sunset and the simple words “Go Back To Europe”

It is time once again that La Raza raises its voice unto the world and proudly and with a defiance that has only grown deeper in 500 years say in our own words “Yo Soy Humano!” Escuchame, this is my story, this is how we see the world y si no te gusta ME VALE!

The people on the page were the pure essence of La Raza giving their two cents on stuff we walk around with but suppress all the time. On this page Aztlan was Aztlan because we say so, and we are Chicanos, we are Mexicanos, we are La Raza. We called out Vendido Coconuts for what they are and told the intermittent waves of Trump supporters to take their asses back to Europe if they didn’t like it here, in pure Chicano style.    

Now, on May 4th, 2020 as the Coronavirus swings over our heads like a pendulum and many have taken to social media, I had just held a “Watch Party” streaming videos off of the page.. After a viewing of “Yo Soy Joaquin” Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales’s epic poem as spoken by Luis Valdez, “Viva Tirado” by El Chicano, Kid Frost’s “This is for La Raza” and then a clip on Chunky Sanchez ending with a dash of Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” I get the message “Your page La Raza Unida has been unpublished.”

I clicked on the notification and the reason it gave me was that La Raza Unida page was either spamming or being run by fake profiles. Yet, in 2018, Facebook had me send them a picture of my drivers license, my phone number and download an “Authenticator” app that gave me a code to prove it was me when they claimed some of the memes could have been “Russian Inspired”.

            The irony that speaks 1000 words in this all is that almost 50 years ago, La Raza Magazine, a publication of the same organization as this now “unpublished” page  also used satire, photojournalism and activism to give a voice to La Raza. They were also disrupted in the same vein. The liberal corporatist state clamped down by raiding our offices and trashing everything inside. What happened today is the contemporary equivalent, the neo-liberal corporatist state has no use for shotguns, batons, and patrol cars when all they had to do was press a button and voila!

Quiet those damned Messkins!

            To  this we say CHALE! We the Chicanos-Mexicanos of the Southwest de Aztlan, are fast becoming the majority if not already in several regions of the Southwest yet the media continues to ignore us,  history books shun us and general American society continues to bestow upon our backs the condition of being perpetually foreign in our own land. We can no longer remain on the fringes, no longer accept silence and humiliation! Ya Basta!

 This political, social and economic silencing is the reason we need media in all shape, form and manner. Let us build our own media to become the sinew of the flesh and bones of an awakened giant.

Que Viva La Raza!


Berned Again

Berned Again

Matt Sedillo


After this latest round of betrayals by Bernie Sanders of his own supporters after having had been blatantly plotted against by his own party, two things must be stated plainly. The “Establishment” of the Democratic Party will not allow it’s so called “Progressive” wing to seize power. It must also be stated plainly the “Progressive” wing of the party will not break from the party and serves an entirely different purpose. The “Progressive” wing is to the “Establishment” Democrats what the Democratic Party is to the Republican Party: A Loyal Opposition.

As with most sequels The 2020 Betrayal of the Sandernistas by U$ Senator Bernie Sanders is worse than the 2016 original. Having seen the original Sanders second predetermined defeat was far more predictable and anticlimatic.

There is no major difference between the two parties on the question of the rich and the poor. There was enormous bipartisan support for injecting trillions in the stock market and giving working people a pittance and even then only in hopes of stimulating the economy. Steve Mnchuhin callously spoke of $1200 being enough money to survive on for 10 weeks. There was bipartisan support for the bailout of 2008. It was under Bill Clinton that Glass Steagal was repealed which opened the door to the housing crash.

There is no difference between the parties in caging people. Bill Clinton grew the prison system just as his predecessors Ronald Reagan and George H W. Bush. When Reagan came to power there were about 500,000 people incarcerated in the U$ by the time he left there was just shy of a million. By the time Bush Sr. left office he got that number over a million approaching a million and a half. Bill Clinton got it over the two million mark and Bush Jr. and Obama held it steady. Obama created the cages and camps that children are languishing in today cruelly separated from their parents. It was Obama not Trump who appointed Tomas Homan who oversees the fascist organization ICE. We all know Trump is horrific. But Trump didn’t create the horrors of the world with his bare hands. The United States is a maze of torture chambers that have risen to even more monstrous proportions over the last four decades.

There is no major difference between the two parties on the question of war. After failing to impeach Donald Trump, in the midst of a supposed “resistance” there was bipartisan standing ovation for the Fake News President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in the house of representatives during the state of the union. The failed head of state, Guaido, returned to Venezuela and was physically ejected from parliament. Imperial absurdity is a bipartisan exercise. In the midst of a pandemic there was bipartisan support to accelerate economic war against Nicaragua and Iran as well as threaten war-war against Venezuela. Just prior to the pandemic the Democrats also supported a military budget that created a new military department to colonize space. These are the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi was applauded by supporters of the party for tearing up a speech.

The Democrats are in league with the Republicans. Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat and is in league with the Democrats. Seeing a separation between the duopoly Democrats and Republicans foolishness. Seeing separation between Sanders and the “establishment” Democrats is also foolish.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders rightly see the patently absurd performance of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech as political theater. That is accurate. They rightly mock “the resistance” as nothing more than words and a call for normalcy also accurate. The Sandernistas now must apply the same logic to Bernie Sanders as making no more that rhetorical flourishes against “the Establishment” with his Presidential runs. It is the internal loyal opposition within the loyal opposition.

Just as in 2016 Bernie Sanders is telling you to pour all your political energy into the Democratic Party, the party of Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, Lyndon B Johnson just to name a few mass murderers. This is a disgrace.

People really need to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Bernie Sanders will not break from the duopoly and we must breakaway from the duopoly to get a different set of results. We must breakaway from the Democrats, for they bomb half the sky.