The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar In this period of global pandemic people are tending to handle the crisis in relatively predictable ways. Whatever qualities they brought into this crisis they will display throughout it. People who tend to mask their feelings will will likely make jokes, the workaholic will bury themselvesContinue reading “The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine”

5 Questions With Sol Marquez

5 Questions With Sol Marquez A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive From Georgia, to Washington state, to the streets of Los Angeles everywhere Sol Marquez sets her feet she brings with her revolutionary fire and passion to fight for the people. From the mega marches of 06 to the planning committee for the 50th Chicano Moratorium to theContinue reading “5 Questions With Sol Marquez”

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent

Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar Let’s see if they mark this as SPAM. Social media users of the world unite. You have only THEIR community standards to lose. UPDATE: Turns out it may have just been a “glitch” with their AI program. Developing story, either way, fuck ’em. Violate billionaire communityContinue reading “Facebook is Shutting Down Leftist Dissent”

Now is the Hour of Our Demands

Now is the Hour of Our Demands Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar Capitalism is the commodification of surplus production and the exploitation of surplus labor. Surplus is anything above and beyond that which would keep us alive. Things are produced to be sold for a profit, making them commodities. Things are produced with resources, machinery and humanContinue reading “Now is the Hour of Our Demands”

5 Questions With Joey Villareal

5 Questions With Joey Villareal A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive This week at Tele-Jaguar we are honored to present 5 questions with Joey Villareal. An author, an educator, a developer of agit-prop at its finest, Joey Villareal is a Chicano revolutionary and freedom fighter who throws his whole life, being and soul towards the struggle for liberationContinue reading “5 Questions With Joey Villareal”

This is not a Democracy: Money Power and the Rule of Law

This is not a Democracy : Money Power and the Rule of Law Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar “How noble the law, in its majestic equality, that both the rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the streets, sleeping under bridges, and stealing bread! “- Anatole France   “I could stand in the middle of Fifth AvenueContinue reading “This is not a Democracy: Money Power and the Rule of Law”

5 Questions With Dr. Elias Serna

5 Questions With Dr. Elias Serna A Tele-Jaguar Exlusive Professor, writer, performance artist, story teller, member of the groundbreaking performance troupe Chicano Secret Service, preserver of legend and memory and the creator of new ones, a scholar and a warrior, so don’t take him for a sucker, cause that’s not what he’s about, what aContinue reading “5 Questions With Dr. Elias Serna”

5 Questions With David A. Romero

5 Questions With David A. Romero A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive 30 states and nearly one hundred campuses many return visits. David A Romero is hands down one of the most successful traveling poets on the college circuit today. Whether its a performance, a workshop or a keynote, David A. Romero may just be your man. HisContinue reading “5 Questions With David A. Romero”

America Is One Big White Washed Mural

America Is One Big White Washed Mural Ernesto Ayala Tele-Jaguar Driving down Kalisher St in the old Barrio San Fernando, Califas back in the 80’s andvery early 90’s you would be welcomed into the heart of the barrio by wall after wall of murals. Native warriors, Mexica motifs, temples, pyramids, rifle bearing Revolutionaries some withContinue reading “America Is One Big White Washed Mural”

5 Questions With Iris De Anda

5 Questions With Iris De Anda Jaguar Prowl Tele-Jaguar Iris De Anda is a internationally celebrated poet, author, practicioner of the healing arts and all around bad ass currently kicking ass in Los Angeles, California and beyond. Her work has appeared in countless anthologies, journals and zines. In recent years she has brought her work allContinue reading “5 Questions With Iris De Anda”