Who we are: TeleJaguar is run by a multi platform media collective of three. The collective consists of Karena Acree-Paez, Ernesto Ayala and Matt Sedillo. What do we do: We are content creators, political analysts and live reporters of actions and demonstrations. Our guiding philosophy: At TeleJaguar we base our analysis on history and economicsContinue reading “Tele-Jaguar”

The Chicano Moratorium: Then and Now

Ernesto Ayala Tele-Jaguar 8/2/21 Look at the signs being carried on that day, listen to the chants if you watch footage of the 1970 Chicano Moratorium you will see that what was happening went far beyond pleas for reform and civil rights as the little the mainstream media shows would have us think. Que VivaContinue reading “The Chicano Moratorium: Then and Now”

1,000 Miles To Denver, 1,000 Miles of Aztlan

1,000 Miles To Denver, 1,000 Miles of Aztlan Ernesto Ayala Tele-Jaguar 7/2/21 To all my Companeras/os del Partido and other Revolutionary Raza we met and shared time and space with on this trip, even those very special ones that weren’t able to be there in person but who’s spirit we carried along the hundreds ofContinue reading “1,000 Miles To Denver, 1,000 Miles of Aztlan”

The Police Murder of Adam Toledo

Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar On March 29th 2020, a 13 year old boy named Adam Toledo was murdered by the Chicago PD with his hands in the air. The police did not notify the family for two days despite the fact that they had filed a missing person’s report. Corporate media has opened the door toContinue reading “The Police Murder of Adam Toledo”

A response to LA Taco’s “Homies for Trump” or in defense of foos.

Recently an article came up on my facebook feed named “HOMIES FOR TRUMP: UNPACKING THE CONFUSION IN LATINOS WHO SUPPORT HIM IN THE FOO COMMUNITY”, not wanting to miss a chance at taking another swing at what can only be described as traitors and backstabbers, vendidos AND vendepatrias I proceeded to read the piece. TheContinue reading “A response to LA Taco’s “Homies for Trump” or in defense of foos.”

Joe Biden and “The Diversity of Latinos”

“Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things. You go to Florida, you find a very different attitude about immigration than you do in Arizona. So it’s a very diverse community.”   This insulting comment simultaneously directed towards the African American andContinue reading “Joe Biden and “The Diversity of Latinos””

Demand A Name Change For Pershing Square

Matt Sedillo Tele-Jaguar Exclusive As monuments to Confederates, Conquistadors and mass murderers of various other racists stripes are torn down throughout the country let us also throw the shameful legacy of General John Pershing into that mix. A graduate of West Point Pershing began his murderous career in the Indian Wars first stationed in NewContinue reading “Demand A Name Change For Pershing Square”

5 Questions with Alex Garcia de Aztlan

5 Questions with Alex Garcia de Aztlan A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive Alex Garcia is the kind of artist who embodies the spirit of Jaguarismo. Bold, confrontational and absolutely zero consideration of what the critics might say. Steady is his hand, steel is his will, Jaguar in his blood. We sat down with the brilliant Alex andContinue reading “5 Questions with Alex Garcia de Aztlan”