The Police Murder of Adam Toledo

Matt Sedillo


On March 29th 2020, a 13 year old boy named Adam Toledo was murdered by the Chicago PD with his hands in the air. The police did not notify the family for two days despite the fact that they had filed a missing person’s report.

Corporate media has opened the door to police union members who have taken the opportunity to slander both Toledo and his family. The disgusting lies of murderous cowards are not worth reprinting. However they point to corporate media’s complicity in presenting the side of vicious murderers who are not just out to kill people but to justify the murder. Unfortunately the slandering of Adam Toledo is standard operating procedure.

In recent years all across the country raza have been murdered by the police with some but not nearly enough awareness from the broader community, they are also slandered in death.

In Santa Rosa, in 2013, Andy Lopez was murdered holding a toy gun in his own backyard. He was 13. After his death he was slandered.

In Boyle Heights, in 2016, Jesse Romero was shot in the back. He was 14. After his death he was slandered.

In San Jose, in 2016, Anthony Nunez was said to be suicidal. After the police talked to him for for fourteen minutes they shot him. They did not call an ambulance for another ten hours. Anthony too was slandered after his murder.

In Gardena, in 2020, Andres Guadardo was shot in the back. He was 18. After his death he was slandered.

These are just a handful of stories that even made the local news. The truth is we are under constant attack in this country and these attacks can be traced back to broader historical context, which is intentionally stricken from the broader understanding of the history of this country as a whole. But that is another article for another time.

As it stands, these campaigns of awareness have been mostly grassroots with very little coverage in corporate media outlets. Other than initial and local coverage again mostly revolving around the justification of murder there has been very little national coverage of the murder of our teenagers at the hands of the police.

The killing of brown teenagers rarely makes it through to the corporate media. The disinterest in our murder at the hands of the police and the ignoring of our resistance to it mirrors the general disinterest and ignorance we face in this country which could be spelled out in a million different ways.

Given our numbers are the least represented demographic in this country when it comes to what could be described as a national narrative and it isn’t close.

Given our relative position in this country it is not surprising that our stories are so suppressed. We are collectively the lowest paid most exploited workers in America making up the bulk of the most hazardous work.

Our stories must be suppressed our existence must be ignored. We must be made an afterthought to keep this meat grinder of a country going.

We are not invisible. We are made invisible. We are not an afterthought in the actual structure of this country. We are its economic backbone, we are the cheapest most exploited labor. If we shut down, this country would shut down.

We don’t know our power. It is time we learned it. It is time we used it. Justice for Adam Toledo.

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