Joe Biden and “The Diversity of Latinos”

“Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things. You go to Florida, you find a very different attitude about immigration than you do in Arizona. So it’s a very diverse community.”  

This insulting comment simultaneously directed towards the African American and so-called Latino community is just the latest racial gaffe in a career of racial gaffes by Joe Biden who may just be the most racial gaffe prone candidate in the history of the Democratic Party. 

What was immediately grasped by many audiences was the patronizing tone Biden had taken towards the Black community. Joe Biden has said some intensely and indelibly offensive things this campaign season towards Black America. These are comments that are not only jarring but also carry the weight of so much history they tend to crystalize the general racist paternalism of the so-called white liberal in ways most politicians are careful not to. Biden’s coarse tone and clumsy expression exposes far more than himself but an entire school of thought and approach to governance. The most jarring example thus far this campaign season was likely telling voters who were not swept off their feet by the prospect of a Biden presidency then “you aint Black.” And who can forget the Corn Pop speech that recently resurfaced? In this video Joe Biden recalls nearly getting into a street fight that involved chain-link and a straight razor with a Black teenager named “Corn Pop.” It was a truly horrific speech told with the intention to show an audience that seemed composed mostly of children and their parents, that Biden was……. down to scrap!!??…..  This most recent gaffe stating that African Americans are not politically diverse rightfully takes its place in the shameful echelon of gaffes of one of the most prolific racial gaffers in recent U$ history. It is also indictive of the racist paternalism Biden like so many of the Dixiecrats of his generation holds towards Black America.

What does this comment then mean towards Biden’s outlook on the so-called Latinos? Well firstly the separation of Arizona vs Florida politics is very telling. Over the last few decades Arizona distinguished itself as the most explicitly anti Mexican/Brown state in the country. Monstrous figures like Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, Tom Horne, the Minutemen project arose out of the cesspool of Arizona’s hard right. Even the grand wizard of OZ Kris Kobach of Kansas saw Arizona as fertile ground for his eugenic vision of a white America and assisted Russell Pierce in the drafting of SB1070. Kris Kobach would later head the transition team for Trump. Trump’s 2015-2016 campaign, beginning with a speech calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists, in many ways brought Arizona politics to the national scene. 

Action, reaction, oppression breeds resistance. Arizona, like much of the Southwest, is also a battleground for the country’s future. The movimiento in Arizona has fought against the fascism of Arpaio, the fascism of a book ban, the fascism of the vigilante minutemen etc. It is these politics, the politics of struggle, the politics of la lucha, that Joe Biden wants nothing to do with. 

Florida on the other hand….. 

Joe Biden has fully embraced the imperial Gusano politics of Miami perhaps more brazenly than any recent predecessor in his position. Shameless Joe, has gone as far as to reach out to former Contra fundraiser and career Republican strategist, Ana Navarro for Latino outreach strategies. Navarro has written in the past that it was Reagan’s commitment to the Contras that had made her a lifelong Republican. Just last week of this writing Navarro went on to organize a “Hispanic-focused virtual organizing event and roundtable conversation” for the Biden campaign. 

In addition to this the Biden campaign has ran ads splicing together clips of Trump’s disastrous handling of the COVID pandemic as well as his brutal repression of the George Floyd uprisings, with comparisons to Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro the intended connection being that these men are or were all “tyrants” of some sort. This right-left bait and switch is typical of the DNC and really dates back at least to the days of Bobby Kennedy, who would paint Republican opposition and well Fidel Castro with the same brush. It was as comically absurd then as it is today as the Republican agenda and Democratic agenda towards national liberation in Latin America or anywhere on the globe are identical. This has played out with the support that both Biden and Trump are receiving from the Miami Gusano Diaspora which on the question of Venezuela are uniform. They want to see the overthrow of Maduro, the installment of Guaido and a reversal of the Chavez era reforms. They want their money back. Both Trump and Biden are committed to that program, as are both their parties. The Biden campaign has even gone so far as to Gusano bait Trump over a tweet that Trump was prepared to meet with Maduro, questioning Trump’s commitment to the Gusano cause. The Trump campaign quickly stated that it would only be to tell Maduro to step down and make way for Guaido. Such are the theatrics of the Gusanidad.  

The overrepresentation of Gusano politics when discussing the so-called “Latinos” in the U$ is a move played out by both parties. It blurs lines and allows people like Ana Navarro and so many other Ana Navarros from the death squad right to make careers speaking for the “Latinos.” It fills the airwaves with a rightwing politic that never has to deal with the far more proletarian demands emerging from other sections of the country rooted in very different histories. It should not be forgotten that while the Biden campaign is eager to cozy up to Florida politics, he told an immigration activist in front of cameras no less, that if he didn’t like his answers to “go vote for Trump.”  

Shameless Joe Biden is a pox upon many houses and the “diversity of Latinos” line of argument is Gusano politics 101. 

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