The Trojan Gusano: Remezcla is Trash and it Always Has Been

The Trojan Gusano: Remezcla is Trash and it Always Has Been

Matt Sedillo

A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

Remezcla is trash and it always has been. Under the glossy veneer of hip Latinx site reporting the latest and greatest musical, cinematic and literary trends from across Latin America, including Estados Unidos de America, has always laid the rot of straight up imperial Miami Gusano politics. Time and time again this trash outlet has sounded like a subcontractor for the National Endowment for Democracy or the State Department. Just straight up petty nasty propaganda designed to reach a particular demographic.

Here are some headlines to illustrate the point. Just look at this outrageous Gusaneria.

“Evo Morales Shoe Tying Bodyguard Make Bolivians Think He’s No Longer Evo From the Block”

“What Will Castro Confess to the Pope?”

“Chavez is Starting to Brainwash Children”

“Chavez Se Muiro: Thoughts from a Venezuelan ex pat”

“This is the Scene at Miami’s Versaille’s When News Fidel Castro Died Broke”

“Gloria Estafan on Fidel Castro’s Death: It is the symbolic death of destructive ideologies”

The Gusanos are downright ghoulish in their celebration of the death of revolutionary heroes. However it is not just spitting on the past that these devils specialize in. La gusaneria sigue sin vergüenza. Time and time again Remezcla has championed the cause of Juan Guaido. In the preposterously titled article “A Look at the Misconceptions About Venezuela’s Political Crisis” Remezcla point by point regurgitates Guaido’s press conference coupish claims to legitimacy. They echoed the talking points of the coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia publishing one mild rebuke of Anez interim government, then they went radio silent when she revealed herself as a complete fascist. In fact Remezcla went as far to refer to the Wiphala, the indigenous flag of resistance, as a “symbol of division!”  ¡QUE GUSANIDAD!

Just as Remezcla opposes national liberation abroad so too in the U$, this prison house of nations.

Remezcla’s conduct during the MEChA-MEPA struggle was no less treacherous. When MEChA a student organization born out of a broader national liberation struggle came under attack Remezcla posed as an honest broker between two sides of an argument. What they ended up actually doing was highlighting the work of the preposterous Aaron E. Sanchez, a right wing Republican evangelical from Texas, whose previous work deals with how Trump squandered all the work done by Reagan and Bush to bring Latinos into the Republican fold. But of course one could expect such audacious rottenness from an outlet opposed to national liberation, not just abroad but here in the U$. Gusanidad opposes national liberation throughout the Americas and the Southwest is no exception.

Generally speaking Remezcla is an outlet that not only revels in the petty gossipy turn in community organizing but in fact is an active force in that general historical push. The pulling away from analysis of facts, dates, history, economy and the move towards centering the latest cancellation or internet trend is the basis of Remezcla’s appeal and part of a larger ideological trend. This too is garbage. Placing central focus on how people feel about being oppressed rather than analysis of oppression and the struggle against it, is garbage. The new age so called “Woke” outlets including but not limited to Remezcla are garbage. These politics need be thrown in the dustbin of history.

Getting political analysis back on solid footing of historic materialism is the goal and aim of the Tele-Jaguar. Defeating Gusanidad is on the other hand is all our responsibility. Remezcla es basura.

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