The Mass Deportation & Migrant Incarceration Machine that Obama / Biden Built for Trump

Karena Acree-Páez


If you oppose the mass incarceration of migrants and asylum seekers, then voting for Biden is not an option for you. 

Both Biden and Trump support kids and adults in cages, as further examination of the Obama/Biden Administration’s atrocities on migrants clearly reveals. This is not even a question of “lesser evil” voting. The Obama/Biden administration were the chief architects of Trump’s anti-immigrant and mass incarceration of migrants and asylum seekers. The lurid suffering of millions of asylum seekers and migrants during the Obama/Biden administration bears testament to this fact. 

Obama/Biden created the largest deportation machine this country has ever seen. 

A vote for Biden is a vote of support for the following barbarity: 

3 million deportations deportations under Obama/Biden (setting a record for all administrations);

❌ Growing ICE agency by 3,600% under Obama/Biden; and

❌ Obama’s $1 billion dollar  contract with CCOA just before leaving office to build a for-profit prison for women and children asylum seekers.

When Obama came to office, he inherited George W. Bush’s budding deportation agency grounded in the “War on Terror’s” anti-immigrant appeal. By the time Obama left office, he had turned ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) into the largest, well-funded deportation machine that this country has ever seen. 

When Biden was recently asked to answer for the deporations, he offered no justification yet boldly reaffirmed his unconditional support for these cruel human rights violations.  At the September 2019 Democratic presidential debates Biden responded to 3 million deportations by stating that Obama, “did the best thing that was able to be done,” and “I stand with Barack Obama all eight years, good, bad and indifferent.”

Biden cannot escape from having a hand in child separation and mass incarceration of migrants. 

Here’s a Biden voter’s logic: If you don’t vote blue you are voting to keep kids in cages. I don’t care that it was the Obama/Biden administration that BUILT the baby jails.

Not only did Biden express solidarity with Obama for their administrations campaign of terror on migrants, but Biden has also dared to try to deny that children were separated from their parents and incarcerated. 

Immigration attorney, Andrew R. Free, recounts his exchange with Barack Obama regarding baby jails in 2015 which he says, “shook me to my core.”
“In 2015, I shook President Obama’s hand, thanked him for DACA, and asked him to reverse course & close the for-profit baby jails (also known as ‘family detention centers’) he opened in Dilley & Karnes City, Texas. What he said shook me to my core. 

Specifically, I told him, ‘It’s wrong. And it’s going to be a stain on your legacy.’ He stopped moving on to the next person in the rope line and looked back at me. I’d gotten his attention. He turned back, looked at me and ‘Are you an immigration lawyer?’ ‘Yes.’ When I said ‘Yes’, the President looked back and engaged: ‘I’ll tell you what we can’t have. It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.’

And he walked on down the rope line. Not, ‘I know. I’m working on it.’ not, ‘Thanks for your support’. Just, ‘Yes. This is the right move given what I perceive the facts to be.’ I was dumbfounded. Let’s unpack the logic of what he said because it’s that logic which led us here.

First, the President tacitly admittedly that he was using detention of mothers and children as a deterrent. Days later, a federal court would find that policy likely violates the due process clause.

And rightly so, as @ACLU powerfully demonstrated.

Detention as Deterrence of future migration works only if it’s unpleasant, and only if you can ensure that people don’t get out. You don’t just detain to deter. You detain to deport.

What’s wrong with that? First, it doesn’t work. It assumes a parent would rationally chose to watch her daughter raped or murdered in Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras instead of helping her flee to seek the domestic and international legal protections of US law. Would you?

And the detention policies of the last administration were set up to deter that hope. All the while yielding a hefty corporate profit. It was and is a moral failing that these places still existed when President Obama left office. It wasn’t for want of trying to close them.

What I hope for us in this moment of critical mass, in this tipping point, is that we will collectively have the courage to hold our leaders accountable when they tell us putting families in for-profit cages to deter asylum-seeking is necessary to stop family separation.”

How is Biden a solution to the crisis of asylum seekers, if the Obama/Biden administration oversaw campaigns of terror which made these victims asylum seekers to begin with? 

Obama and Biden oversaw the destabilization of Honduras which led to a huge influx of unaccompanied minors amongst other asylum seekers who were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge after the U.S. Empire waged terror in their home countries. 

Under their watch, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton backed the coup in Honduras leading to murders, economic devastation, and gross human rights violations by the incoming U.S. puppet dictator, Juan Orlando Hernández. Hernández is now in his second term wreaking havoc on the lives of Hondurans who are still victimized by our prior Democratic administration. 

The Obama/Biden administration set up the systems and infrastructure for Trump’s atrocities. 

If anyone is looking to vote for the Democrats to resolve the horrific condition of children in cages, Biden is not an option, as our prior administration crafted both policy and the cages. Democrats literally built and filled those cages before Trump did. 

Obama/Biden administration did the following:

❌ Arrested tens of thousands of undocumented parents whose kids were US citizens, causing them to lose contact with their children.

❌ “Disappeared” those parents in the immigration enforcement system, where they were nigh-on impossible to track down, before deporting them to countries they hadn’t lived in for as long as decades.

❌ Orphaned thousands of kids who were left without a legal guardian when their parents were shunted to another country.

❌ Sent the parents of those kids to places where there was more than a good chance they’d be kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, killed, or sometimes all of the above.

❌ Traumatized both the kids left behind and the kids whose parents were undocumented but not yet arrested, which saw those kids develop symptoms of PTSD, stress-based health problems, and night terrors.

So who do we vote for in 2020? 

This is obviously up to you and your conscience, but it is criminally negligent to dare to say that Biden is the solution to the mass incarceration and deportation of migrants and asylum seekers. 

ICE has been waiting 16 years for a tyrant. Obama and Biden almost got there, but instead they just handed the keys over to Donald Trump after building the largest for-profit mass incarceration and deportation machine this country has ever seen. Expecting the Democrats to solve this, reflects an abysmal lack of comprehension regarding the scope of this problem. Without Obama and Biden, the current administration’s practices would be flatly impossible. 

Smashing the duopoly is how we can rid ourselves of both agents of death and oppression, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Our children are counting on us to be bold visionaries of a new society. It will take action. It will take political courage. It will take pulling both feet out of any further actions to support the mass murderers represented by both the Democratic and Republican party’s candidates. Not one more vote, not one more donation, not one more campaign to support the party of Genocide Jackson. Until we the people build a broad-front coalition, a strategy which has successfully been used in recent years by countries such as Chile, France, Spain, and Mexico, to break through oppressive duopolies we are responsible for the choices we have at the ballot box. It can be done in just a few years if people are willing to firmly commit to redirecting their time, money and votes from rigged elections and corporate parties to building something new. We must have hope. Until then, we must keep working to serve the needs of your community while pushing forward the creation of a people’s party for the working-class. Together, the working-class can chart new parties, practices and policies that work to liberate all communities.

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