Honoring and Acknowledging the Contributions of Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez

By Matt Sedillo, Maria Flores, Ernesto Ayala

At Tele-Jaguar we give credit where credit is due. From all of us, thank you Karena for being the driving force you have been.

Capitalist society reduces reality to the individual it focuses on one’s individual world so as to break the natural bonds we have as humans which are a social and communal being. Yet time and again the real world despite capitalist propaganda shows us that what makes things move is the collective and how individuals within the collective that give themselves, their efforts, their time and dedication to a common idea and goal well those are the examples we must emulate and strive to be. Compañera Karena is an example of that. Telejaguar would be nothing without her dedication. She has helped mold the page and build it by dedicating herself to doing what needs to be done and doing what she says she will! She takes our sometimes disparate skill sets puts them together and helps us become a single weapon in the fight against all that holds La Raza and thereby humanity back. Gracias Compañera! ✊🏽- Ernesto Ayala

Thank you Karena for your leadership and guidance in this media endeavor that is Telejaguar. Your discipline is inspiring and sets the foundation for the rest of our work. We are so fortunate to have you on our team! Your communication skills are unmatched –the best of anyone I have met in regards to media campaigns and strategy. I feel very lucky to be able to work alongside you as we develop this platform.

TeleJaguar also helps mold other political work I am involved in as well. Oftentimes, people underestimate the value of graphics in a highly visual, constantly consuming world. With your knowledge and expertise on our team, we will thrive and bring in a new era of Chicanx arts and journalism!- Maria Flores

Tele-Jaguar is a collective built around the talents and visions of its members. As the project has developed the contributions of Karena Acree-Páez have been foundational to all other developments. In the day to day operation of Tele-Jaguar Karena Acree-Páez has set the pace of production and growth. She has been the glue keeping the project together, truly the driving force behind the Jaguar. Que Viva Tele-Jaguar. Que Viva Karena. – Matt Sedillo

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