Berned Again

Berned Again

Matt Sedillo


After this latest round of betrayals by Bernie Sanders of his own supporters after having had been blatantly plotted against by his own party, two things must be stated plainly. The “Establishment” of the Democratic Party will not allow it’s so called “Progressive” wing to seize power. It must also be stated plainly the “Progressive” wing of the party will not break from the party and serves an entirely different purpose. The “Progressive” wing is to the “Establishment” Democrats what the Democratic Party is to the Republican Party: A Loyal Opposition.

As with most sequels The 2020 Betrayal of the Sandernistas by U$ Senator Bernie Sanders is worse than the 2016 original. Having seen the original Sanders second predetermined defeat was far more predictable and anticlimatic.

There is no major difference between the two parties on the question of the rich and the poor. There was enormous bipartisan support for injecting trillions in the stock market and giving working people a pittance and even then only in hopes of stimulating the economy. Steve Mnchuhin callously spoke of $1200 being enough money to survive on for 10 weeks. There was bipartisan support for the bailout of 2008. It was under Bill Clinton that Glass Steagal was repealed which opened the door to the housing crash.

There is no difference between the parties in caging people. Bill Clinton grew the prison system just as his predecessors Ronald Reagan and George H W. Bush. When Reagan came to power there were about 500,000 people incarcerated in the U$ by the time he left there was just shy of a million. By the time Bush Sr. left office he got that number over a million approaching a million and a half. Bill Clinton got it over the two million mark and Bush Jr. and Obama held it steady. Obama created the cages and camps that children are languishing in today cruelly separated from their parents. It was Obama not Trump who appointed Tomas Homan who oversees the fascist organization ICE. We all know Trump is horrific. But Trump didn’t create the horrors of the world with his bare hands. The United States is a maze of torture chambers that have risen to even more monstrous proportions over the last four decades.

There is no major difference between the two parties on the question of war. After failing to impeach Donald Trump, in the midst of a supposed “resistance” there was bipartisan standing ovation for the Fake News President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in the house of representatives during the state of the union. The failed head of state, Guaido, returned to Venezuela and was physically ejected from parliament. Imperial absurdity is a bipartisan exercise. In the midst of a pandemic there was bipartisan support to accelerate economic war against Nicaragua and Iran as well as threaten war-war against Venezuela. Just prior to the pandemic the Democrats also supported a military budget that created a new military department to colonize space. These are the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi was applauded by supporters of the party for tearing up a speech.

The Democrats are in league with the Republicans. Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat and is in league with the Democrats. Seeing a separation between the duopoly Democrats and Republicans foolishness. Seeing separation between Sanders and the “establishment” Democrats is also foolish.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders rightly see the patently absurd performance of Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech as political theater. That is accurate. They rightly mock “the resistance” as nothing more than words and a call for normalcy also accurate. The Sandernistas now must apply the same logic to Bernie Sanders as making no more that rhetorical flourishes against “the Establishment” with his Presidential runs. It is the internal loyal opposition within the loyal opposition.

Just as in 2016 Bernie Sanders is telling you to pour all your political energy into the Democratic Party, the party of Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, Lyndon B Johnson just to name a few mass murderers. This is a disgrace.

People really need to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Bernie Sanders will not break from the duopoly and we must breakaway from the duopoly to get a different set of results. We must breakaway from the Democrats, for they bomb half the sky.

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