The World We Have V. The World We Want

The World We Have V. The World We Want


Ernesto Ayala

This is the world that we have

A month has gone by as the Covid19 Pandemic has shown us just how connected we actually are in this globalized planet and the 4th month of 2020 has just begun. It has been about 8 months since the massive fires ravaged first the mighty Amazon and then others tore through Australia. In the same time the US has murdered a leading figure in the Iranian government and brought the world itself closer to a catastrophic war that would possibly drag in several powerful nations. All of this on top of everything else the US and their regular day to day, month to month and year to year doings assure that the parasitic Capitalist-Imperialist economic world order continues running.

This is the world that we have. It wasn’t but two years ago that gargantuan fires lit up Southern California and spread as if fueled by gas. They weren’t fueled by gas but something worse: a longer dry season due to the warming of the planet caused by fossil fuels which their extraction and sale fatten the pockets of a small minority. The smell stays with you the entire San Fernando Valley in which I live was surrounded by fires, the biggest clouds I’d ever seen made up of smoke darkened the skies and spread into the city. The shock of seeing the results of Capitalism’s savagery of our Mother Earth for profit cause you to cough and sneeze and go home early from work was strong but it wouldn’t compare to what we are all the entire world going through now.

Yes, obviously Capitalism didn’t create the Covid19 virus (although some would make the argument that it somehow has) but we have seen how an economy “organized” around profit at whatever expense will react to something that could have been contained and has been contained with greater success elsewhere including in nations with far less resources and in the case of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela under the threat of armed invasion and brutal economic embargoes.

From the very beginning the acting leader of the so called USA shrugged it off, (not only that he had also disbanded the NSC Pandemic Unit in 2018.) Once having arrived into the US the virus spread like the wildfires that scorched Southern California. The same “country” that never has a shortage of missiles, tanks, apache helicopters, jets, munitions, humvees and what have you amazingly or not, has had a shortage of drastically needed hospital beds, respirator units, face masks, gloves and other basic tools for medical use. In fact veterinarians have donated or lent out respirator units to hospitals. States have had to compete and lose against bids placed by the Federal government to buy some of these units and supplies. The same government that never has a shortage of assault weapons and bullets for its military and para-military police forces with state of the art weaponry cannot even provide testing kits to its population. If there isn’t any clearer example of how a Capitalist neoliberal economy is useless to humanity which includes YOU I don’t know what is.

The culture of this Capitalist neolberal economy that champions the individual over the community showed its effects as people panicked to hoard as much food and supplies for themselves leaving others without basic necessities. The media remains silent on how its long worn out claim about “socialist breadlines” and “rationed food” in other nations have shown themselves here only that you had to pay for this bread which wasn’t or still isn’t there.

This isn’t even including the rise in racist attacks against Asian peoples due to Trumps nonchalant racial framing of everything including this.

Many of us lost our jobs, schools shut down, businesses closed and much of everything in civilian life has come to a screeching halt.

The world that we want

            The world that we have had so far has been accumulation after accumulation year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation of something that began long ago. There is a clear line if one studies history from La Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria to what we have today, or to be more clear from the Alamo to Trump. This is something crucial because although we are all connected in one way or another and the world as we know it has been undeniably affected by this it has not changed and I cannot speak from any other perspective than that of a Chicano, a worker, an indigenous person, because in reality this is how we say unto the world that we are human via our own experience.

            In the greater picture it wasn’t even that long ago when our people a fraction of what we are today dreamt… we dreamt of a different world, of a different reality were we controlled our own destinies as a people, were workers and the oppressed had every undeniable right under the sun to seize what was theirs, what is ours, including the land.

            We dreamt and we acted upon our dreams, upon what seemed impossible this is where the idea of Aztlan, of Liberation, Self Determination etc naturally evolved. Some of us in the heat and passion of that time even gave the ultimate in the hope that these dreams could become a living reality… our lives.

            Let us take this time to reflect upon what kind of world we’ve had so far. Let us take the time to study and to affirm or reaffirm family, friends, comrades even if at a distance and most of all let us imagine that world once again. Let us take the time to dream and imagine a world completely different in opposition to the one we’ve been forced to have which is quickly barreling into a full blown nightmare for our coming generations. Let us brainstorm and plan so that once we are able to we can once again continue raising those red flags on one side and our fists toward the sky as more and more join us and we make of our dreams a reality together. The world we want!

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