5 Question With Franzia Fannon (Tele-Jaguar’s President In Permanent Exile)

5 Questions

Franzia Fannon

Tele-Jaguar Exclusive.

No preamble. Enjoy.

1) You coined the phrase wokoso though are usually not cited. What is a wokoso?

 A ‘wokoso’ is a combination of ‘woke’ and ‘mocoso’.  I cleverly combined the two to describe the internet Latinx woke crowd who choose to drag people online and write articles of ridiculous criticisms instead of organizing to better the material conditions of our communities.  They act like ‘mocosos’ despite being ‘woke’, they are wokosos.  Anyone can be a wokoso, it’s not a gender exclusive term, so it’s really ‘wokosxs’.  

2) What is MEPA and how can it be prevented?

(COBRA Voice) MEPA is a disease and I’m the cure.  Seriously, is MEPA even a thing anymore?  Last thing I heard they all became toilet paper hoarders.  

I’m not worried about MEPA club right now tbh.  I mean these people refused to take a position on capitalism and complained about eating bacon wrapped hot dogs from street vendors cuz the priority of priorities was MEPA lol.  Really, this is your student vanguard?  LMFAO.

One of the first casualties of Covid-19 was college activism.  They are phantoms now, even when and if college campuses return to normal most student activist groups will take a good while to return to come back to life.  I seriously doubt the wokosx leadership will even be around by then, cuz you know, they are wokosxs lol.

3) You authored a pretty devastating meme featuring prominent wokosxs who lightened themselves in animated form. Why did you do that?

These two wokosxs in particular, Jessica something or other whose name isn’t important enough to memorize and Dichos de un Bicho like to hyper criticize and mock folks for reclaiming their indigeneity.  It’s a pretty fucked up to do considering she can pass as a Karen, her own caricature of herself is white AF but suddenly she can criticize actual brown folks for reclaiming what colonialism robbed from them?  GTFOH, she gonna call the cops when we carne asada at the park and play handball too?  Dichos is actually brown but he kept making his own caricature lighter.  Like in real life he was brown but his cartoon version was ‘Chad White’, once the memes came out his caricature of himself came out a tinge darker lol.  Dichos to his credit has helped give Central Americans a voice and that is important.  I actually followed him online for a while and then he started to get all super anti-Mexican/Chicanx and just ran with that like it was free cocaine in a nightclub bathroom.  He also has a reputation of attacking people online and dismantling grassroots groups in Southeast LA.  The memes were a response to them.  Wokosxs live to make fun of people with memes, but you turn them into a meme and fight fire with fire and they cry.  Just like a mocoso who talks shit then cries when it comes back their way.  The memes ridicule their ridiculousness.  Truthfully right now the wokosxs and their wokismo are less of a priority.  

What was dangerous about their wokismo was that they were using these online platforms to promote toxic disunity and discord among different groups of oppressed people.  They were doing more than that, they were promoting online violence and bigotry and branding it as activism.  The whole attitude they were spewing echoed white nationalist tendencies.  IMO our people, all of our people, don’t need to give in to the ‘divide and conquer’ when we deserve to ‘unite and win’.  We can have differences amongst each other but to attack each other publicly for the world to see and promote the attacks, well that shows you what they are really about.  

All of it seems quite silly now in the face of C19.  I hope this C19 shit puts things into perspective for all the wokosxs and they cease with their dumb ass shit.  

4) Thoughts on organizing?

 I have a lot of thoughts on this.  No one really does it effectively and the ones doing it aren’t doing it well enough to win much IMO.  Conferences don’t count, I mean look at the situation we are in.  We can no longer do conferences and summits and people don’t know WTF to do.  They are becoming ZOOM activists now, lol.  The thing is organizing really isn’t that hard, but it is very time consuming and not a lot of folks are willing to give the time to run a strong program, especially wokosxs.  There are a few folks that give it a good run IMO.  I think Defend Boyle Heights did good work before it fell apart, they changed the game.  I think they could have been more tactful sometimes, but they did good work and shook things up.  It was sad to see it break up the way it did.  I’ve seen some dope shit in Texas like the Huey Newton Gun Club.  The Reclaim Our Homes stuff in NELA is really effective.  When I talk about organizing, keep in mind I’m referring to grassroots, independent organizing not the 501C3 and union paid staff.  

I think right now we have a grand opportunity in front of us with this C19 situation.  We can set up our own essential services like food delivery for seniors, etc and build authentic relationships with our people that last as opposed to only hosting conferences and events for the already engaged.  We can set up a service so that people know what stores have what supplies, etc.  The Reclaim Our Homes folks are capitalizing on an unfortunate situation but it’s a good move tactically speaking.  The groups I’m part of are already prepped, delivery service already set for our most vulnerable members.  Foos are taken care of, that’s what I truly value in groups. I think collectives and organizations should be doing this internally first, get the bugs out and then expand to a particular community or subset of the community, then get the bugs out, and expand again.  That is my general approach to organizing: start small and build instead of trying to be grandiose and fail.  It’s common sense, but most activists and ‘organizers’ act like common sense doesn’t apply to what they are trying to do.  Labor organizing teaches you this approach.  Like you never just jump into a workplace and scream, ‘who wants to join the union!?’ cuz folks will run away and anyone who actually does approach you tends to get fired.  So you find out who the leaders are build relationships and start small and build the team before you make bigger moves.  You should approach community organizing the same way IMO.  Treat your people like workers (cuz they are) and your politicians like bad bosses (cuz they are).  But yes, we have grand opportunities directly in front of us and more coming down the line.  

This C19 tho, has unmasked imperialism even further.  The billionaire class is giving themselves breaks while giving us a death certificate.  The feds are literally printing money out of thin air, what do you think that is going to do to the economy?  It is potentially setting up a wild inflation rate.  Who TF knows where we end up in 3 months.  Back to ‘normal’ or Mad Max and cannibalism.  One thing remains true here more than ever tho, the power of the workers.  More than ever workers who have been deemed ‘essential’ have an immense amount of power they can leverage for the benefit of all.  We literally go into mad max territory if they refuse to work.  Bosses can’t find scabs because everyone is afraid of getting sick.  They have maximum leverage in every industry.  

I also think ‘revolutionaries’ are way too dogmatic in their approach to electoral politics.  People tend to be either like ‘fuck electoral politics’ or completely entrenched in them.  I think you have to be involved to a degree.  You can’t just let the slobs have that to themselves when there are victories to be had.  We can get our comrades elected, the last election cycles have had more independents winning than ever in the last 60 years and it terrified the billionaire class.  You can’t have an ‘outside’ approach or ‘inside’ approach.  You have to have an outside and inside strategy.  Therein lies another motto of mine, ‘do it all and do it all the time’.  That means you never just do one thing, you might do one thing at a time but it’s never all you do.  You also can’t be afraid to take organizational risks, you have to be willing to go all in and pull out when you need to, but never be afraid. 

I also believe certain folks like to over preach on how important getting an advanced degree is.  The best organizers I’ve ever met or heard of didn’t have a master’s degree or PHD, and they made the most changes that actually mattered to the most people.  IMO degrees are a bourgeoisie marker for how much debt you are willing to take in exchange for knowing mostly useless information.  The current times are showing us that.  The whole world is hanging by a thread and who is keeping it together?  Is it the billionaires?  Is it the academics?  Is it the pigs?  Lol, no.  It’s the workers.  Workers make the world function, especially now.  This doesn’t mean I don’t value knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge.  I believe that all knowledge should be in the hands and talents of workers in their own communities not locked up in some place outside of them.  

That said I am more inclined to work on projects, campaigns, and building a solid program as opposed just protests and marches.   I am also really interested in financial projects and ventures done from a working class perspective.  I also think too many ‘revolutionaries’ downplay finances, mostly because they don’t have their own shit together.  Finances are ultra important.  We live under capitalism, so then why would you not want to understand how it works and maximize it to build up your cause?  That makes absolutely no sense.  I’m not saying we need to become capitalists, what I am saying is you should have some financial knowledge and flex it to build up your organization, that is common sense. You look at some of the best groups people built, they understood finance.  The Panthers understood finances, you think they built a national party by passing around berets for change in the hood lol?  The Crusade for Justice was incredibly effective partly because Corky Gonzalez was a financial whiz.  You don’t agree with me?  Okay let’s talk about how all of the ‘centros’ people start end up going to shit because they couldn’t pay the rent lol.  

Also, the internet is important, wokosxs know this.  It’s all they know lol.  I think the actual material work on the ground is the most important tho.  What I see is that many people substitute the online for the offline and that is a serious mistake.  For instance, if your RL community doesn’t know who you are and that you have 100K followers than who cares, it’s just iPhone vapor.  Your online work should boost your RL organizing.  If you don’t do organizing in RL then you become a virtual ghost the second your profile gets clipped by FB or Twitter or whatever platform you are using.  I believe that when looking who to follow online folks should ask themselves- does this person actually do organizing or are they just trying to build themselves up online?  The other question is are these people being divisive or are they about bringing people together?  IMO online entities that build themselves up on division are toxic and should be avoided. Anyone who builds themselves up by pitting one part of our community over another or bashing community groups isn’t about bringing about the change all of our people need.  

Finally, I think we have to be part of organizations, the one person savior mentality is a losers game but people love to play it.  It is peak wokismo.  If you can’t disagree with your comrades or your organization and still follow the collective’s decision then how can you expect the community to get organized?  An organization or collective is the organized expression of the community.  It should be made up of the community for its own benefit.  We live in a society that champions individuals and delegitimizes organizations, they way you change that is by championing the collective and getting over our individualism.  I also think we should be trying to replicate or create knock offs of older orgs.  For instance, I just seen this group spring up called the Brown Panthers, how original lol.  So they wanted to still look hard but didn’t want to be random Autonomous Brown Beret chapter number 2,726,262,868?  Lol.  Learn from the past but build the future.  The future should obviously be different from the past.  Regardless tho, they might surprise us all.  Regardless of what you call yourselves, be part of a team, build your team, take on projects, organize with your community, run campaigns, change everyone’s reality.  We need to win physical, material things not just ‘moral’ victories, not ‘we will get more next time’.  C19 has shown us there may not be a next time.  Thank you for coming to my Telejaguar Talk.

5) As President in Permanent Exile how do you grade the performance of His Mexcellency, Matt Sedillo, Interim President for Life?

Sir Matt Sedillo, I believe you are doing a fine job and have built a good team with TeleJaguar, it’s the shit.  I hope you and the crew stay healthy and safe our people need you for when this crisis concludes.

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