The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

The Empire Will Not Self Quarantine

Matt Sedillo


In this period of global pandemic people are tending to handle the crisis in relatively predictable ways. Whatever qualities they brought into this crisis they will display throughout it. People who tend to mask their feelings will will likely make jokes, the workaholic will bury themselves in new projects, the worrier will flood your feed with status updates, and people who constantly change their story one day to the next will post comparissons to the flu one minute and the buebonic plague the next. In all its fault and glory this is humanity on parade.

Similary ogranizations, systems, governments are handling this crisis largely in the way in which they handle everything. Any student of international affairs of the past 60 years could have predicted the Cubans would be sending doctors around the globe where needed. Also unsuprisingly, the Chinese government has sent their medical staff to assist in relief. Also again no surprise, the Chinese were able to build a hospital in a matter of days in order to address the crisis. This is what is possible when human activity is centrally planned and not in the hands of marketeers who exploit the desperate and alienated masses. Anyone who understands how a central planned economy works vs a market system would be able to understand how it is that the Chinese were able to build a hospital in days whereas the American government is scrambling to figure out where to buy respirators.

In this period of global pandemic the U$ government remains committed to imperialist domination of the planet. No internationalist speech, no call for global awareness, no haiku for humanity delivered alongside medical supplies, no well spring of internationalist sentiment in the face of a virus that threatens us all can soften or weaken or slow down the U$ political and economic drive for exploitation and its taste for blood. U$-1776 is an ongoing plague of another kind and it will not rest or self quarentine at the sight of Covid-19.

U$ Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Brian Hook stated plainly, “Our policy of maximum pressure on the regime continues,” later adding that Iran, spends billions on terrorism and foreign wars” and that Iran needs to gets it priorities right and that if they focused “on a better health care system, the Iranian people would have been much better off.” That’s a truly piping hot take coming from a guy who works in the government looking to spend a trillion dollars on Space Force. This is the same government of the same country that has approximately one hospital bed per three hundred people and has no idea where it to get respirators yet can find a trillion dollars to bail out the stock market or colonize the moon.

Two weeks prior to the intensified sanctions against Iran, the U$ sprang further sanctions against Nicaragua in its ongoing attempts to ouster Daniel Ortega. Announcing this wave of sanctions Secratary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin announced “Treasury is committed to holding accountable those who seek to silence pro-democracy voices in Nicaragua.” One of the major targets of the sanctions Nicaraguan national police. Again this is really incredible given the fact that 1) Mnuchin represents a country where, to the best of our knowledge the police murder 1000 people per year widely disproportinately black, brown and native men, 2) The U$ cages more people per capita than any nation on Earth both in sheer numbers and per capita again disproportinate on the color line 3) The U$ regularly rigs it’s own elections and has a bizzare structure of primaries and electoral colleges where it does not matter who actually gets the most votes and most relevant to the topic at hand 4) The U$ has waged on again off against war against Nicargua since the mid 1800’s and the days of William Walker.

Here in the U$ the fact that so many have heeded the calls to stay home is not lost on the state nor one of its most vicious appendages, ICE. Yes during a health scare, during a pandemic, during this unfolding crisis that could infect millions, ICE is coming into homes and brutally separating families. The beasts do not rest. They know neither mercy nor dignity, they continue to be what they are. In this pandemic the migrant concentration camps that have now become a “normal” feature of American life are particularly cruel and murderous given the dimensions of the cages and the lack of sanitation. This is intentional. It is always was.

Crisis will not teach the empire humanity. This beast will not self quarantine. Pandemic or no pandemic U$ imperialism must be dismantled for humanity to breathe freely.

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