Now is the Hour of Our Demands

Now is the Hour of Our Demands

Matt Sedillo


Capitalism is the commodification of surplus production and the exploitation of surplus labor. Surplus is anything above and beyond that which would keep us alive. Things are produced to be sold for a profit, making them commodities. Things are produced with resources, machinery and human labor. Human labor is the variable from which profit is drawn out of the production of commodities. From the capitalist perspective, whatever you do not pay the worker is your rate of profit. From the standpoint of reality, the capitalist as the capitalist adds nothing to the process of production. They simply own and exploit.

Facing a pandemic, capitalist nations across the world are looking to make adjustments now in order to maintain the system later. They are looking to make sure they can extract profit from workers at a later time by making crisis adjustments on the spot. They are looking to pause aspects of the market so that people may live in order to later be exploited.

In this time the Prime Minister of Canada has made statements concerning a possible moratorium mortgages and rent. So has the governor of California who as of 3/16/20 made an executive order to halt evictions . Spain is nationalizing all private elements of their healthcare system. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to give fewer parking tickets. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s has spoken about arresting fewer people during the pandemic as to not overcrowd the jail cells.

Essentially these are preliminary calls for aspects of capitalist terror and oppression to be paused so that they may return at a later date. This pandemic is showing us all the arbitrary brutality of the system we live under. Things simply do not need to be the way they are.

Whatever small temporary band-aid they offer we must demand as a permanent change in society. We must think beyond where we have been thinking.

Demand universal healthcare. Demand universal housing. Demand universal child care. Demand universal internet access. Demand universal streaming programs. Demand universal chill. Demand universal access to food. Demand universal toiletries. Demand. Demand. Demand. Demand an end to the market system. It is what stands in the way of everything. This crisis has more than proven this to be true.

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