This is not a Democracy: Money Power and the Rule of Law

This is not a Democracy : Money Power and the Rule of Law

Matt Sedillo


“How noble the law, in its majestic equality, that both the rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the streets, sleeping under bridges, and stealing bread! “- Anatole France  

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s like incredible.” – Donald Trump  

“All of the new Democrats that came in and put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bough — I, I got them.” – Mike Bloomberg

A Tale of Two Billionaires 


“Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest” and therefore no crime could be committed “if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest.”  These are the words of highly noted legal scholar, attorney, and former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz,  arguing on behalf of Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. Here it would appear Dershowitz  is arguing that a politician in the course of getting themselves elected was incapable of committing a crime as they believed their heart of hearts that their election was in the general interest of the public. This essentially amounts to the call for the end of law. For if people think they are doing right then they are permitted to do anything. We all know this only applies to the rich and the well connected. It was a strange moment in a very strange trial that in many ways cracked open the facade of American law and order and its relationship to money and power. Simply stated, the law exists in order to ensure that those with money remain in power. This is made more and more transparent by the day through the actions of both major political parties.

The impeachment of Donald Trump was a trial with no witnesses. Despite being the most hated president (and loved by monstrous sections of the country) in generations, there was a noted lack of interest in the impeachment hearings. This is likely because the articles of impeachment and the proceedings had little to do with why many people hate Trump. Trump was not being impeached for caging Central American children and separating them from their families. Trump was not being impeached for trying to enforce a Muslim ban. Trump was not being impeached for his lack of aid to Puerto Rico or the added insult of throwing paper towels at an audience. Trump was not being impeached for calling Haiti, El Salvador and the countries of Africa “shitholes.” Trump was not being impeached for his saying Mexico was sending “drug dealers” and “rapists” nor proceeding with the building of a racist wall. No Trump was being impeached for a phone call to the President of the Ukraine in which he threatened to withhold the shipment of weapons which could potentially be used to threaten Russia. The Democratic Party was seeking to impeach Trump not for his many, many, many unmanageable white supremacist outbursts but rather because he put his own personal interests ahead of the governing and maintenance of U$ imperialism. It is important to remember that Richard Nixon was impeached over Watergate and not COINTELPRO. It is important to remember the Democrats respond to the lawlessness of the Republican Party only insomuch as it effects their party structure and general aims of capitalism and imperialism. As evidenced by Al Gore in 2000 they won’t even fight for their own votes if it means enfranchising working people, especially those who are not white. It is also worth noting that Trump lost the general election by three million votes. He lost California by four million votes. The electoral college disenfranchised the entire state of California. Also of note, the Senate is an inherently undemocratic body. There are roughly 500,000 Wyomingites. There are roughly 40,000,000 Californians. Within the Senate 1 Wyomingite has the political representation of 80 Californians. The Electoral College delivered the hated Trump. The Senate prevented his ouster. This is not a democracy.

The billionaire Donald Trump stated he wanted the impeachment trial to be over before his state of the union speech and that is exactly what he got. During his state of the union a the brazen Donald awarded fellow racist media mogul Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Honor. During this charade there was also bipartisan applause for the would be usurper of the Venezuelan Presidency, Juan Guaido, who was later mobbed in the streets of Caracas for his treachery. The evening finally came to an end with Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripping up a copy of Trump’s speech. Not to be dramatically outdone Trump would later describe her actions as “very illegal.”

Coming out of the State of the Union the outlaw Donald Trump would go on white collar pardoning spree pardoning Edward DeBartolo, former NFL owner involved in one of the worst sporting scandals of all time, then wall street Mike Milliken, involved in one of the worst wall street scandals of all time and even crossed the aisle to commute the sentence of former Illinois Democratic governor Rod Blagojovich. Donald Trump appears now to be running on a pro corruption platform. Donald Trump acts with impunity because he is a criminal. Then again it is a criminal system that rewards brazen criminality.


While the Democrats scorned and lambasted the naked lawlessness of a trial with no witnesses their party leadership simultaneously also moved to violate their own rules of their convention for debate qualifications. They did so in order to allow billionaire Mike Bloomberg to take the debate stage near upon entry into the race. While the Democrats in the Senate were in the process of failing to impeach a billionaire president the Democrats in party leadership were changing their own rules so that they could bring a billionaire to their debate stage. With the rule change a candidate would no longer have to meet a numerical threshold of contributors to qualify for the debate. In response Bernie Sanders called it the very definition of “rigging the system.” Warren drew the immediate comparisons between Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump and even fellow billionaire and Democratic primary nominee Tom Steyer complained that “changing the rules now to accommodate Mike Bloomberg and not changing them in the past to ensure a more diverse debate stage is just plain wrong.”  Amy Klobuchar welcomed Mike Bloomberg’s addition to the debate stage.

In the initial debate Mike Bloomberg was exposed relatively quickly as unable to defend his racist record as mayor of New York. Both the policies and his justification for stop and frisk a policy that targeted young Black and Latino males was pressed heavily by Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg and even Biden. It was a debacle. No matter. The next day Bloomberg was endorsed by three members of congress. Thus far the presidential run of Mike Bloomberg most closely resembles that of the professional wrestling career of Ted Dibiase whose intro song stated, “some might cost a little, some might cost a lot, but I am the million dollar man and you will be bought.” Bloomberg buys politicians in the same way he buys TV ads with the total impunity of a man with an estimated net worth of 55 billion dollars. Super Tuesday will reveal if his money on endorsements and advertisements have been well spent.

Despite the big money he is spending on getting endorsements and buying ads Bloomberg’s racist billionaire impulses and practices are not far from the service. Early in his campaign it was revealed that he was relying on prison labor for phone banking. This is particularly egregious when you consider that during hurricane Sandy, when questioned about evacuating Rikers Island Bloomberg who was mayor at the time responded, “Rikers Island is up where they are and jails are secure. Don’t worry about anyone getting out.” So racist and cruel is Mike Bloomberg, that he didn’t even comprehend the question. And that maybe the most criminal thing of all.

The Sanders Candidacy

A spectre haunts the leadership of the Democratic Party as well as representatives of their class within the world of television punditry. And that spectre is the possibility of a Sanders candidacy. Ramping up even from 2016 levels of hyperbole and dishonesty media pundits have committed themselves to a number of firsts. The New York Times editorial board for instance endorsed two primary candidates one for Klobuchar for “centrists” and Warren for “progressives.” Joy Reid of MSDNC described Sanders candidacy as a “hostile takeover.” Chris Matthews of the same station went as far as to voice concern that a socialist victory would result in executions in Central Park with people “cheering on.” Later Matthews would go on to liken a Sanders victory in Nevada to the Nazi invasion of France. These comments are inexcusable and Matthews was rightly pressured to resign, which despite the tough guy “hardball” persona he has cultivated now for decades, he did, quite quickly. Like most fake TV tough guys all it takes is a little pressure.

Candidates themselves leading into super Tuesday have committed to outright political conspiracy against the Sanders campaign. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg both suspended their runs and threw endorsements behind Joe Biden in rapid succession. Apparently despite being the only candidate in the primary to make it a point of telling voters to vote for someone else Joe Biden is seen as the most likely “centrist” to beat Sanders in the primary. Even Beto O’ Rourke plucked himself up from the bootstraps of obscurity to endorse Biden soon after Klobuchar and Buttigieg. Bloomberg would go on to say he felt sorry for Klobuchar and Buttigieg but also congratulate the two for having had “behaved themselves” during their respective campaigns, spoken like a true billionaire.

While there is clearly a conspiracy against Sanders, we must also ask ourselves about the candidate independent of those conspiracies against him. There are things that the Sanders campaign represents that are historic. And that is really sad. It is really sad that the politics in this country are so dominated by wealth and the dreams of wealth that a political candidacy to raise the quality of life of working class people, while in no way, shape or form changing the political structures of the country, can be branded as revolutionary. Bernie Sanders is not a revolutionary. During the 2016 primaries he spoke highly of Dwight D. Eisenhower the President who sat over the political state sponsored assassination of the Rosenbergs. In the South Carolina debate apropos nothing Sanders denounced the Chinese government, to show he was no communist, one presumes. He has repeatedly referred to Maduro as a tyrant and once called Hugo Chavez a “dead communist dictator.” Bernie Sanders is not anti racist. Bernie Sanders opposes reparations. Bernie Sanders referred to open borders as a “Koch brother conspiracy” designed “to bring down wages of the American worker.” Bernie Sanders is not anti imperialist. He has voted in favor of acts of military aggression against other nations on multiple occasions. Bernie Sanders is not socialist. He will tell you so himself. Words have meaning and socialism is the nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy. Anything that is not that, whatever it may be, is not socialism. What the Sanders campaign represents is raising the standard and quality of life of the American worker to that of other imperialist nations. It is understandable why people would support that. Who does not want life to get easier? Who does not want life to get better? But that is what it is and it is not anything more than that. Describing Sanders or his campaign as revolutionary or socialist is not only inaccurate but counterproductive. Projecting more onto the Bernie Sanders campaign than what it is, in order to stay within the moral graces of one’s own conscience, cheapens the souls of those any and all who know better.

We at Tele-Jaguar hold this truth to be self evident. So long as we are subject to the rules and regulations of those with money and power we will get the law and order that results from the from the rule of those with money and power. We must break from this system for it offers us nothing but exploitation and the threat of death and imprisonment. It takes our time and energy and converts it into profit for the wealthy and well connected. It then taxes us on the wages we do receive to murder people all over the globe. A Sanders presidency would not change that. Whatever we do we must break from this system. Abandon illusions. This is not a democracy.

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