3 Ways a Private Corporation Can Rig An Election: Let the 2020 Rigging Begin!


Karena Acree-Páez

3 Ways a Private Corporation Can Rig An Election: Let the 2020 Rigging Begin!

Right on the heels of the #IowaCaucus election “irregularities” scandal, the DNC (“DNC Services Corporation”) openly gears up to continue rigging the presidential primary. The issue is not only who wins or loses the caucuses and primaries, but whether we identify patterns, people, and structures in place which perpetually influence and cause aberrations during elections. As it did in 2016, the question of election integrity transcends mundane party politics. “App failure” is the new “wardrobe malfunction.” 

1. Software

Any election integrity activist or expert will tell you that one of the easiest ways to rig an election is by way of electronic voting systems. At the August 2018 DEFCON Hackathon Conference, an 11-year old child was able to hack into an imitation election website in under 10 minutes; thirty other children were also able to hack in.  

Less than two weeks after the Iowa Caucus debacle, the state of Nevada now actively seeks the same fate. At the recent Iowa Caucus fiasco, faulty software was blamed for incomplete reporting by an app developed by Shadow, Inc. On February 9, 2020, the Nevada State Democratic Party revealed a new software tool that will be pre-loaded into iPads. The “caucus tool” for tabulating the vote count is being developed by unnamed developers. At caucus volunteer training, as reported by The Nevada Independent caucus volunteer training a Democratic Party staff member advised, “What we’ve done after Iowa is consult with a group of tech and security folks who are helping us through this process and making sure that we’re doing this in a way that is simple and efficient and secure for all of you so that we’re giving you the best tools we can possible on Caucus Day. (emphasis added).” 

Last week in California, Secretary of State, Alex Padilla authorized a new computerized voting system for Los Angeles, California. Expect to see electronic voting systems continue to expand. Electronic voting systems are integral to rigging elections. 

Some states will be less problematic than others, but the fact remains that we can run all the “progressives” we want to, but if we don’t have election integrity, we have nothing. With Padilla’s office overseeing the California primary elections in May 2020, we can expect to see more of the same. 

2. Election and Party Officials Back the Anointed Candidates

DNC Gears Up to Rig Nevada:

Recently, the Nevada Democratic Party hired a former Pete Buttigieg campaign staffer, Emily Goldman as Voter Protection Director. Goldman has since made her Twitter account private and deleted her employment history on LinkedIn. Thankfully, it has been archived at a link on this Twitter thread. Amidst the livid response of Sanders supporters, Bernis Sander’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, was quick to pour cold water on any incendiary suspicions anticipating further rigging in plain sight during in the upcoming Nevada February 20, 2020 state caucus. Shakir tweeted, “Appreciate the concerns here. We’ve spoken with the Nevada party, which has assured us that this individual does not have decision-making authority over the caucus count. [Please] know we are working hard with the party to get every assurance that mistakes of Iowa are not repeated.” 

2016 Redux: The California Rigging

Speaking of Alex Padilla, let’s revisit how the strategic placement of a Hillary surrogate facilitated a rigged the primary in California. A former Democratic senator from Los Angeles, Padilla campaigned on promises to modernize the state’s antiquated voting and campaign finance systems, as well as increase voter registration and turnout. In 2016, Padilla oversaw massive voter disenfranchisement, polling station fiascos, and widespread election fraud in California during the presidential primary. Padilla openly campaigned for Hillary, yet as Secretary of State, he was in charge of certifying election results.  He even headlined a campaign fundraiser for her just before the 2016 primary. Padilla was drowned out at the California Democratic Convention’s July 26, 2016 breakfast when Sander’s supporters chanted “Count our votes! Do your job!”

Independent journalist Greg Palast reported:

“I am currently reporting from Southern California, and there’s an Ashley Beck, who is a poll worker in conservative Orange County. She was being trained with other poll workers, and they were given some very strange information. In the California primary, the independent voters registered as NPP, or no party preference, can vote in the Democratic primary. They can ask for a ballot and they are allowed to vote. The Orange County poll workers were told if NPP voters ask for a Democratic Party ballot to vote for Bernie or Hillary, they are not to be given regular ballots, but provisional ballots. This shook up Ashley.” 

The mishandling of ballots at polling stations was state-wide. Padilla’s office oversaw and was responsible for For more information on how California was rigged, please watch,  “Uncounted: The Story of the California Election.”

Recently, the Nevada Democratic Party hired a former Pete Buttigieg campaign staffer, Emily Goldman as Voter Protection Director. Goldman has since made her Twitter account private and deleted her employment history on LinkedIn. Thankfully, it has been archived at a link on this Twitter thread.

3. The Inalienable Rights of a Private Corporation: The DNC Claims the Right to Select a Presidential Candidate 

Let’s revisit the #DNCFraudLawsuit  which was filed in Federal Court in South Florida on behalf of supporters of Bernie Sanders against the Democratic National Committee and its former chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (another Hillary Clinton surrogate), accusing the DNC of having broken neutrality agreements. 

The lawsuit alleged that the DNC and Ms. Wasserman Schultz improperly favored Hillary Clinton who was challenging Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

The relevant text of the DNC Charter states: “the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.” Article V, Section 4, The Charter & The Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States, as Amended by the Democratic National Committee, August 28, 2015

Bruce Spiva the DNC’s attorney argued that the DNC is a private corporation which has the right to select candidates.

Smoke-Filled Backrooms: DNC attorney asserted in federal court that it would have been within the DNC’s rights to “go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.” Bruce Spiva, the DNC attorney, said, “That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right.” Describing the plaintiff’s case as “inchoate,” Spiva asserted that any judicial effort to “define what constitutes evenhandedness and impartiality” would “drag the Court . . . into a political question and a question of how the party runs its own affairs.”

Impartiality is Discretionary: Attorneys for the DNC asserted that Article V, Section 4 of the DNC Charter— which requires the DNC chair and staff to ensure neutrality in the Democratic presidential primaries—is “a discretionary rule” that the DNC “didn’t need to adopt to begin with.”

What Do “Impartial” and “Evenhanded” Even Mean?: DNC attorneys even go so far as to argue that the words “impartial” and “evenhanded”—used in the DNC Charter—can’t be interpreted by a court of law. (If that’s the case, why would we even have courts of law?

The DNC could not be more unequivocal in confirming that their corporation has no obligation to oversee a fair primary. The party asserts it’s right to pick their candidate. Their position could not be more clear. 

What if Bernie continues to win primaries, as he did in New Hampshire last night? Will it be different this time?

The DNC has structures in place, at every level to ensure that a progressive will not win the primary. For further elaboration, please refer to our prior article entitled, “4 Reasons Why the Democratic Party Will Never Be the Vehicle for Progressive Change.”

  1. Sanders won state primaries in 2016. It didn’t change the fact that the DNC reserves the right to pick their nominee and it didn’t change the outcome of the convention. The DNC forced one of the most unpopular candidates down our throats, despite polls showing Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings.
  2. The DNC is not care about beat Trump or any othe Republican. In 2016, poll after poll showed Sanders was more popular than Trump by double-digits. Polls are exhibiting the same trends once again. The DNC had already selected Hillary Clinton before the campaigns, caucuses, primaries, and the conventions. The DNC has joint fundraising agreements in place with Clinton’s campaign since 2015. At the meeting in DNC Chicago of August 2018, they decided not to eliminate joint fundraising agreements. The Democratic party bosses are only accountable to the donor class. The donor class bets on both parties every four years, so they never lose. Both the Democratic party and the Republican party are irrelevant to the lives of working people; it is unreasonable to expect oligarchs to represent the working-class.
  3. The DNC has implemented a “kill-switch” for progressive candidates – the Superdelegates. Even if a progressive wins, the DNC can force the vote to a second round vote just as they did with George McGovern. The DNC controls the rules of the convention. They can make, break or bend the rules however they please. They are a private corporation claiming authority to select their candidate.
  4.  The DNC Loyalty Oath which emerged from the August 2018 DNC meeting, makes it even easier to eliminating progressives than superdelegates ever were. The second paragraph confirms that one person, Tom Perez (DNC chairperson who is picked by establishment party bosses), has full power to disqualify anyone he decides is not a “bona fide Democrat” who has, at any time, not demonstrated faithfulness to the party. All Democratic presidential candidates must affirm the oath. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5759585-DNC-Loyalty-Pledge.html

“Didn’t Russia Rig the Election?”

🔴 Apparently, some folks still believe in unicorns and “Russian interference” which made Hillary Clinton lose.

🔴 The “Russian interference” story was hatched by Clinton’s campaign manager the night she lost so the DNC could deflect blame from themselves for rigging the primary and putting Trump in the White House.

🔴 If the DNC was concerned about “Russian interference” they would be backing election integrity activists, like myself, to push for hand-counted paper ballots and publicly verifiable elections but they never will because they benefit from the rigging.

🔴 Also, if the Russian Interference story was true, why would the DNC attorneys have argued in open court that they have the right to select their own candidate. That debunks the “Russian Interference” story, right there. The DNC’s own defense in Federal Court debunks the #RedScare.

It’s time to stop investing time, money and energy into political parties that uphold and perpetuate rigging mechanisms in the interest of party bosses and the donor class. Only by creating, solidifying, and protecting centers of political power outside both corporate war parties, can we effectively challenge them. Chasing two-year election cycles is by design; people are fervently engaged in breathing life into political corpses and never find time to build something new that won’t rise and fall with election cycles. Until then, there is no threat to the continued rule of the oligarchs.  Until then, we are subject to dictatorship by private corporations. A broad front coalition for the working-class is the what is needed to unify the fragmented left.

A broad front coalition for the working-class is the what is needed to unify the fragmented left. Historically, new parties are formed in the U.S., when a party’s base is being ignored. Broad-front coalitions in other countries have recently and successfully smashed duopolies and corrupt ruling parties that have ruled for a century. There is no threat to the Democratic party, until the people build one firmly outside both parties.

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