Politics Are Not Therapy

Politics Are Not Therapy

Matt Sedillo



Politics are not therapy. 

Politics are the debate of law. The law is the legally binding and enforced rule and regulation that human beings declare to one another in the governance of what is and what is not permissible over given bodies of land, sea or sky.

Therapy, on the other hand, is a series of activities that human beings engage in in order to soothe or heal wounds and injuries either immediate or lingering. 

These are not the same and should never be confused for one another. Politics and therapy should never be practiced in place of the other. The results will always be counterproductive. 

Polemics will not fix a broken arm. A hug or holding space (the cyber equivalant of a hug) will not seize the means of production. 

The purpose of political organizations should not be the edification nor evisceration of its membership. They should not exist to ease the pain of its members nor get to the root cause of a given individual member’s anti-social behavior. While this may be necessary to do for the group to carry out its purpose these activities in and of themselves should not be the purpose of the group.

This is the purpose of therapy and or group therapy.  Political organizations should form so that people may organize politically and with their collective energies and efforts to fight in the political sphere. 

The conditions we are living under today demand strong organizations with clear goals.

All across the world thousands of children starve to death every day in countries exporting food.  The three richest Americans hold more wealth than the bottom 50% of the country.  Just over two dozen billionaires hold more wealth than half of the people living on the planet. A handful of corporations are endangering the future of life on Earth. 

The United States of America is a police state and a war machine. It cages more human beings than any nation on the planet. It threatens war with nations all across the world, particularly those with large oil reserves. 

There are today concentration camps throughout the country for migrant children. Children have been dying in these camps. The militarization of the border, the practice of caging migrants is the platform of both political parties. This cannot be voted away. This is neither conspiracy nor exaggeration. It is a simple statement of fact. History will not absolve our inaction. History will not care how we were feeling on a given day. We must act.  

For better and worse people change the world all the time. The struggle for the organization of the production and distribution of our collective genius and efforts is a struggle for power. It is a political struggle. The struggle for land, labor and resource, pan y tierrra, is a political one.  Therapy is something else entirely.

Politics are not therapy.

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