The War That Wasn’t Ours

The War That Wasn’t Ours
A Tele-Jaguar Exclusive

I didn’t have a break all Winter and I work weekends so the night of Thursday, January 2nd I went to sleep early as I would any other day. Being a member of the local La Raza Unida chapter and starting off the year working on several projects with other compas, my mind wasand has been focused on that. I went to bed, read a little then fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning bright and early, got ready for work, sat down to drink some Cafe and checked FB on my phone. Post after post of the US having assassinated Iran’s 2nd in command General Qassem Soleimani.

From night to day all of a sudden a man who I didn’t even know about myself became the talk. Although sort of caught off guard themselves mainstream media reported on Soleimani’s assasination but quickly afterwards went to work demonizing not only him but Iran itself. “He has the blood of our troops on his hands!”, “good riddance to this terrorist!”, “I don’t support Trump but,…” read many posts and these are the least worst of countless horrible statements being regurgitated for people to accept as justification for State Terror upon Iran and the peoples of the Middle East.

Nevertheless what should one expect from the descendants of the people that invaded our land, committed genocide on our people and then ripped another people from their motherland to work as captive slaves less than beasts of burden, right? I don’t expect much from them really.

Yet the problem that should be of concern is that these statements were being said by Chicanos and other colonized peoples. “WE are going to war!”, “Pray for OUR troops!”, “OUR embassy was attacked!” Excuse me but every month I try to keep up with my mortgage payments, neverdid I know I had an embassy all the way across the world much less a collectively owned embassy. I have some friends that need a place to stay at actually, maybe this embassy “we” have can be put to use after all it is paid by our taxes and several Chicanos did shed blood setting the conditions for a US embassy to be placed there.

I am obviously being facetious but this highlights two serious issues.

  1. LIke ALL of US foreign policy in particular its bellicose actions around the world and
    throughout its history, the invasion of Iraq, the long history it has of intervening in Iran’s and the Middle East’s affairs and in this case murdering one of their leaders. US foreign policy is completely wrong, unjustifiable and MUST be opposed in totality by any decent human being. The US is an imperialist power in its waning days. All freedom and peace loving people must vehemently oppose US Imperialisms actions around the world in particular those of us inside of it.
  2. Chicanos-Mexicanos as a people are subjects of US settler colonialism and as Native
    people are its first victims. The US was born of genocide, beginning with the slaughter of tribal nations in the East and ending with the direct war against Mexico and the Mexican and native nations of the Southwest the US has historically been diametrically opposed to our actual interests. Whether in support of US imperialism or in opposition, this talk about “We” needs to be reflected on. Yes Chicanos compose a large part of the empires fighting forces, but whose interests are they actually fighting for or defending? Chicanos and Mexicanos are the historically invisible underclass of the US in particular in the Southwest/Aztlan. What we have been able to achieve from greater access to educational institutions, civil rights etc we have won on our own collectively organizing and many times having to shed our blood in the fields, campuses or our very own barrios. Nothing was given to us much less was it somehow won via US invasions of countless countries.
    Exactly 50 years ago from today one of the most historic events in Chicano history would take place in East Los Angeles, Calif-Aztlan. Fed up with the promises that had run their course and the utter hypocrisy of the USA, La Raza from throughout Aztlan and beyond came together and held the largest none White anti-war march to ever be held. The Chicano Moratorium crystallized the sentiment of the time. Who exactly where we fighting for when all of our problems are here and they’re caused by the same people that tell us that, that poor brown campesino bent over picking rice is the enemy of you the poor brown campesino picking grapes. That war wasn’t ours, it was theirs. Our war was and continues to be HERE!

    Ernesto Ayala
    La Raza Unida
    Jaguar Nation

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